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Feline kidney failure

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My Persian, Yoda, has recently been diagnosed with early stage kidney failure. I have no idea what to expect, how my cat will be affected in the future, or the length of time he has left.
Has anyone had experience with this? Any input will be greatly appreciated. This news was shocking and saddening for me. Yoda has been my baby for 12 years. Thus far, he drinks a lot of water, but this is his only symptom.
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Poor little Yoda

CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) is getting a lot of attention nowdays. I think because cats live to an older age, we see more CRF cases. The increased awareness probably leads to more frequent early detection.

Here is a list of links to CRF related links. It's from a very large mailing list for CRF cats owners. I think you can find lots of info and support there.


To subscribe to that list you should go to their page at e-groups :


Don't forget to keep us posted as well
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I'm visiting the sites now. Thank you so very much.
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Here is an excellent link for those who have cats diagnosed with CRF:
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I had a cat die of kidney failure. We had to give her iv infusions for the last few weeks of her life. It is the saddest thing. It just looked like she was starving to death, and you could tell she wasnt comfortable. She was not going to make it, no matter what we did, she was too far gone, so we had to put her to sleep at home in my bed. I hope your outcome is better than ours. Good luck!
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my 15 yr old is in very early stages, vet wants me to buy a rx food. I don't understand why it has to be rx. We have not started that food yet we brought home several samples to see what she would eat and she liked them all. Has to be tested every 6 months to monitor things. It's sad to know one you love is in the decline
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I Lost My First cat to kidney failure You know about it that will make all the difference Most people dont until there cat is really sick Good Luck
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Guys... the orignal post in this thread is over four years old.
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sorry that would be my bad, I must have hit the last page arrow when i thought i hit the page 2 button..... but on the other hand maybe someone will get some help from it?
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