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Mom just got robbed

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Mom just called me and told me she just got robbed after getting paid, in cash, for teaching piano privately. I think she lost about $150 or so....plus all documents and her cell phone.

The loss of the money is nothing. Ariel and I are ready to pitch in some money. However, if she keeps losing her Texas license it would be problematic with the immigration officials....she has already lost her Texas license once due to pickpocketing. She lives in a really cheap, seedy part of Houston.

She feels extremely shaken up and I feel so horrible for her. The guy had come into her apartment complex, broke the gate and the video cameras, and he had a gun with him. She is now officially moving.

The African American cop who came to investigate told my mother that everytime an African-American youth approches her she should yell really loud. He said that a lot of Katrina refugees had come to Houston and the crime rates are getting out of control. I was really shocked when my mother told me this. I didn't think an African-American cop would speak so badly of his own people. I guess the situation is really out of control.

I just need to rant a bit right now..........
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lord that is a shame. well I hope your mother settles down and all goes well for her after this. Its a shame things like this happen to hardworking people.

as for that cop.
everyone profiles. its a shame we must do it always in a negative way.

my mother taught me something.
what goes around comes around. everyone gets theirs in time. Besides. God decides who's souls benefit in the after life...the dirty work is all his.
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I am so sorry your Mom got robbed! What a scary thing to happen...I'm glad she is moving!

As for yelling when an african-american youth approaches her...if only safety were so simple! If we could tell who is good or bad by skin color...or clothing...or any other marker.

Lots of criminals moved from New Orleans to Houston, as did nice people, grandmas, catlovers, etc.
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That is so horrible i am sorry that happened to her.
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What a terrible thing for your poor mom! I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers tonight! I am glad that she wasn't physically hurt, but emotionally, this must be very, very hard on her - how scary I am glad that she is moving, but how unfair that she has to incur the expense and give up a home that she liked just because some people do evil things I hope that the victim/witness program can help her... I am so sorry that an American male, of ANY color, shape or form, would do anything to harm or hurt a woman - men should protect the women and children of their society...
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Your poor mom. I'm soo sorry to hear about that happening to her. I would suggest signing her up for a free self defense class so that she will know what to do if it ever happens again. I hope she can get moved into a better area soon
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Aww thats just awful.

I hope the police catch the or he gets his.

I am so sorry your mum has been put through that ordeal.
Your mum must feel so vulnerable right now.
Do you live close to your mum?She's going to need you right now.

I am praying for your mum and hoping she will not let whats happened to her get her down.

I'm sure when I say this Shengmei,My thoughts and best wishes are with your mum,as I'm sure everybody on TCS' thoughts will be with your mum.

Please pass on my best wishes to her.
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How scary for your mom! Sending lots of good, stay safe vibes her way.
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Thank you very much for your kind words and kind thoughts.

I don't think my mother has seen a gun before in her life. That must be a first for her.

Mom said that the police also told her she was lucky she was carrying so much cash. If she didn't have the cash the perp would have forced his way inside and see my sisters. My sisters are very pretty.

She was right in front of her apartment, waiting for one of my sisters to come out so she could take her to her driving lessons. She said she could not get the image of the gun out of her face. I cannot understand how scarey that must be since I have never seen a handgun. .

I am really trying to help my sisters grow up to be fair and balanced people but it is so hard with those crazy people running everywhere!!! They had only been here for a little while and the taillights were broken by an Mexican-American, the hubcaps were stolen by an African-American (both times they witnessed upstairs), the wallet was pickpocketed once, and now this.

They don't get to see the amazing grad students I work with, who are also African-American and Hispanic American. All they ever see is the foolishness.

I have been trying to tell them to move out of that neighborhood, but they said it seemed so clean and orderly compared to Nantou, Taiwan. I don't think they understand that just because neighborhoods in the U.S. naturally look more upscale, it doesn't mean that they are safer.

It seems they finally will buy a house in a safer neighborhood, which is nice. They kept delaying that even though they had cash in the bank for the downpayment. I hope this incident will really inspire them to take action and get out of there.
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