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show me your siamese...

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Got a baby siamese mix at home.
hes got the face mostly and the paws/tail. but hes also as these little spots that look digny white. (i say it looks like somone spilt coffee on him)
anyone got some good pics of siamese or siamese mixes so I have an idea of what my little peanut will look like in the future.

thanks everyone!
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I have two pointed moggies
Neither are remotely Siamese in any way, shape, or form aside from color

Ivory (AKA Bug)
Seal point, medium hair

Cassi, Seal point

Cassi and Bug

This one is Whiskers, who actually was a Seal point Traditional Siamese, he is no longer with us.
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aww they are adorable!! cassi with the cone craks me up. she looks like she couldnt wait to get that thing off!

my kitty must be close to seal point cause his whole face is darkening up fast and hes about 5 weeks.

he is white in body color but has these cream spots (one is in the shape of a sideways heart ) must be from his daddy.
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Cassi is actually a mink, a combination of points and solid burmese , so her body is now mostly sable color.

Ivory has a nice black mask and ears, black mitts, dark brown laces, dark brown tail and a cream body with a tan saddle.

Pointed kitties' colors can change quite drastically.
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This is Jack. He's a siamese mix, and his mom is a full blooded siamese. He was mostly white with points at first, and now his points have become a very dark gray, and a fawn/sable looking color is starting to come out along the top of his back. He's gonna be a very handsome kitty when he grows up. And OMGOSH is he noisy. He talk's constantly, especially when it's dinner time

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peanuts colors change alot...his face went from a little black nose to almost all black, he is starting to look like a kitten and not a white rat. no offense to white rats (I own an albino rat)
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Originally Posted by alikatt View Post
OMGOSH is he noisy. He talk's constantly, especially when it's dinner time

my little man is a biter. he likes to bite...even tiny bites to say hello. he is starting to replace jumping at my face with claws and teeth ready with licking my chin. I'll take that over face bites anyday!
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Originally Posted by EricaNicole View Post
my little man is a biter. he likes to bite...even tiny bites to say hello. he is starting to replace jumping at my face with claws and teeth ready with licking my chin. I'll take that over face bites anyday!
Oh, the talking isn't bad. It's just amazing how loud he can be with how small he is. He accidently got locked in the bedroom with my dad after he had gone to sleep for the night, and I swear I thought it was a little kid screaming at first. Luckily he hasn't gotten into to much mischevious behavior. J.R. keep's him pretty occupied trying to fend for his life the way they wrestle with each other.
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This is my gang Yowdy and reilly curled up together they are seal points.
Lilly is a torti point and jade is a seal point.

Jade, Reilly in the Middle and Yowdy all are seal points Reilly is under a year old and will darken like the others as he gets older. Right now his back is starting to darken

Yowdy is 7 and Reilly is about 6 months old here
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i think my boy will look like yowdy in some ways with the darker back.

btw you have very pretty kitties
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This is my Luna. She's got pointed cat somewhere in her background. She's only got pointed ears and a tale. With her face and her hands- It looks like she's suppost to be pointed, but some white spots get in the way.

Here is a link that I can't get resized.

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pretty girl!
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I have two Siamese/Balinese kittens named Molly and Polly. Since we went back to get Polly later after Molly, we don't have pictures developed of her yet, so here's Molly about a couple months ago:

Sorry for the poor-quality camera!

All your kitties are beautiful!

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I have two mix siamese, both seal points.

Max is 6yrs old

Mocha is a year old this month.

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Here is our Siamese mix Ping. His momma is Siamese and his dad was the run of the mill black cat. I know this because they are two strays in the area we can't catch yet.

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Simon is a flame point dsh... he does have that Siamese attitude.

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki
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I must confess I have no idea on the terminology used in this thread. "Points?" I need a tutorial--will have to look this up. I have a kitten and now that I am looking at these pics (thank you, by the way, all, they are gorgeous cats!) I don't know if my Peek has much Siamese in him at all. If anyone can tell me what they see in him, I would appreciate it. He was from a litter of tabbies. The vet says, yep, the mommy could've had two daddys, same litter!

What blows me away is how his color changes?! Can it be? No, surely not, right? It must be the light reflecting on their fur differently? He goes from black face, ears, tail and feet to it being a brownish color. I love how the color gradient softens before it gets to his creamy white main coat. His coat also has some brownish tint throughout. See what I mean by the two different pics. He actually looks like there is blue in his coat at times, to me!

He is also good and limber. He can get under doors even. His body is very different from his brother, though he does have another brother who has a similar body type.
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Peek sure appears to have Siamese there some place blue eyes and he has points. Points refer to the legs, mask, and tail having the darker coloring.His body color may darken as he ages. Siameses bodies darken as they age. Hes sure cute!
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Spike is a flame point dsh. He's not as talkative as his brother, Cotton (who is pure white), but he has a belly pooch that I was told is often a Siamese trait? I have no idea how accurate that is. He's my lovebug!

He has darkened so much, particularly on his back!

Taken about a month ago:

Taken when we brought the boys home almost a year ago:

The pic of his face in my siggy is recent, so it's quite a contrast!
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Kittens can go through quuite the color change as they grow older. Here is Ping the day we go him:

This is him now:

As you can see he got darker over a few months time period. Out of the litter there was 3 kittens colored the same as Ping. One though was soild black. We are still working on catching them. They are all feral now. Ping was abandoned by his mom so we got him early.
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Thanks for those pictures lovely people. How do they change color so quickly? You would think the fur would have to grow out in order to change...

Yet another mystery.

Ping does look a lot like Peeka, even in that body shot of him lying down, his body is similar to Peek's. His neck is longer than Boo's also.

It's weird, I am currently left with the original four from the captured litter. Two are feral, also, they were in captured later, but they are currently coming around. The first two I have adopted...

My point is that they ALL look so different but two are small tabby-like and then there is Peek and his feral brother, both bigger and have longer necks. More fluffy all over. Yesterday I let Peek into their room to play and they had a blast--it was only then I realized, "hey, they are siblings."
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This is Jasmine, my gorgeous little Torti-Point Siamese
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