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This was in a different thread, but I think it got overlooked. I would appreciate your knowlegde when you get the time.

Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
Yes, FIP is highly misdiagnosed, but necropsy isn't the only way for a positive diagnosis. See my post below. A CFS test will also rule it out or not, and this is done while the cat is still living. I think it's important that people are aware that this procedure exists. Most vet offices aren't equipped to do it and the cat needs to be taken to a University where Vet Medicine is taught.

Thank you so much, Kai. This isn't something I was aware of. So far, nothing we have had to deal with, but I like staying up to date with these procedures. Is the CFS test conclusive, or is there still chance for error. How long has this procedure been done, and are there any risks involved? If you know of any links that will point me in the direction, I would enjoy reading them. We have OSU vet school close to us, I will have to check to see if they can perform this procedure.
I am happy to hear this procedure exists, thank you for another enlighting and educational experience here at TCS!!
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Hi there!

I have PM'd you regarding this.
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