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Orly, distemper survivor

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Sometime this week I'll be bringing home little feral Orly (former Orleans). He's
the only distemper survivor, I mean he was sick and made it, there's
another sibling yet in the field that looks like never got it.
It'll be a first for me b/c I've rescued/fostered older kittens
(teens) and adults but never a 4 month old. I wished I could keep him
with another kitten his age or close but wouldn't he be shedding virus
for six months after recovery? If (hopefully) I get to trap the last
kitten, he'll be vaccinated, can I put him with Orly? Or should he be
in a separate cage?..Orly is so wild and scared I'm afraid he'll get
overstressed and succumb to another infection if all by himself in a
(yet another) strange place with 5 adult strange cats even if they
are in other rooms.
And another question; should I put a nightlight in his room by his cage? The vet
has a nightlight for him and I've seen in the net that kittens should
have a nightlight..just never heard of it..thank-you! And thank-you so
much for prayers, nice words and informative links, we're still re-
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i have a night light in the spare bedroom where i keep my little kittens food and water dish. he also used to sleep there when he was younger.I also keep a night light in the kitchen where my mikeys food dish is. There isnt any harm in it.
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I don't have enough knowledge to offer any advice, except ask around at the vets, but I am sending loads and loads of {{{prayers and vibes}}} for Orly & for the kitten yet in the field You are a real cats' guardian angel & may the good Lord bless your rescue work!!
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Thank-you everybody!..I'll get him a nightlight. I talked with the vet today and he gave me a good report on his fight with distemper, but poor freaked out Orly came down with an URI now..I worry how much more his immune system will put up with. Feral kittens are supposed to be very resilient b/c of their (sometimes) varied gene pool, this one's certainly a super fighter.
Yesterday we took Kitty, a kitten that was found running around the shops, certainly a stray, abt 3 mos old, a orange tortie with blue eyes and a loud purr box. Found her a home but at the vet she was found to have maggots nests on her belly so she's on Amoxillin now, she should be recovering.. I hate to see all this happen to babies just b/c they are tiny..rescuing them is rewarding but it can very hard too. Of course now that I know what goes on with homeless kitties (and other animals) I couldn't turn back
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