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Im not budging!

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Little Peanut is getting to his 6 week mark soon and I promised dan once he was able to be placed in a new home we would give him to someone who wanted a kitten. I already have mikey and wasnt looking to take in another cat. but when I heard about this little guy I didnt want to see him put down or end up dying since he was only 7-10 days old when I got him. He was an orphan.

its been a few weeks now that ive had him and I dont wanna see him go. I love having him around and so does my mikey.Dan has even taking a likeing to him and dan CANT STAND animals. although dan likes him he is still pushing me to get rid of the kitten. What should I do. I really like him and he really loves us.

how do i get this big stubborn rock to cave in? I keep avoiding the subject but I cant do that forever!!
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Awwwwww ....... just do what I would do and keep him anyway...its just one more tiny mouth to feed .....surely Dan understands you saved this babies life and a bond has formed ...... if he doesnt .. just cry until he gives in .........
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Don't avoid the subject - tell him how you feel. My husband didn't really want cats either - he used to say the only good cat was a dead cat! Isn't that awful? But he knew how I felt about cats and when Jacob moved away with my daughter (who by the way is named Erica as well), I started to cry and had to have another baby. My Whiskers had passed away two years previously and the house was empty without a cat. I explained to him how I felt and he basically had to cave in. When Erica asked me if Jacob could move back because she couldn't have him in her apartment, he didn't even make an objection. He loves both cats and pampers them as much as I do and is very protective of them. Heaven help anyone who didn't treat them like the little gods they think they are!
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Tell him exactly how you feel, and make it as simple as possible. I would say something like "Honey, I want to keep this cat. I know you aren't going to like it, but I think it's whats best for the animal."
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yes yes it all sounds so good. your on to something LokisMum. I think Im going to stand my ground. by this time next week im pretty sure dan will have fallen head over heels for our little man. I mean so far he sleeps in dans bed at night and at nap time. when dan comes home from work he follows him around and clings to his leg, not to mention the kitten cleans dans arm and likes to sleep on his chest and neck. HA ive got it, soon he wont be able to resist him and he'll not want to get rid of him.

yes yes its coming together already
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Sending lots & lots of {{{bonding vibes}}} out your way!! Sounds like Dan has a cat
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I hope he is ok with you keeping the kitty
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