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Bathing Question

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I have a stupid question. Loki absolutely hates baths, although he loves to play in water in his fountain and the sink (only if I turn the tap on for him). He absolutely refuses to let me bath him, and as a result he hasn't had a bath since he was a kitten. I've never encountered this problem before, as Whiskers, while he didn't like to be bathed, he would allow it and Jacob can be bathed quite easily. I try periodically with Loki - yesterday was the latest attempt and I ended up with scratch marks all up and down me and gave up. My question is this - can cats keep themselves clean enough themselves without being subjected to baths by their human companions? Loki seems to be very clean, his fur is nice and glossy and he doesn't smell at all. The vet has commented before on how nice his fur is. My husband feels he should have a periodic bath as well - is this wrong? Any tips on how to bathe a kitty that will not allow it? I've tried holding his paws together - it doesn't work as he is very strong - he's quite a big boy (around 17 pounds).
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First of all clip ALL the nails

My 14 lb cat was terrified of water baths. He also was a show cat for a short time. So I got that shampoo that you can wipe on and then towel them dry. The one time he had to get a water bath this is what I did - may work for you. (use 2 people for best results)

Have two buckets of water - one for washing, one for rinsing. Put the buckets in the bathtub. Then put the cat in on a mat or towel in the DRY tub. Have one person hold the cat, the other take a washcloth and wet it in water and put it on the cat till he's all wet to the skin. Then shampoo (a little shampoo as it will be hard to rinse out). After you shampoo, take the clear water and use it for rinsing the cat - in the same way - by washcloth.

Granted it will take awhile but your cat may be more cooperative.

Cats don't have to be washed if they are clean, but its nice to get them used to washing just in case they do need it
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step one get suited up for the job! wear a thick sweatshirt/jumper and jeans maybe ear plugs could be loud!! and warn the neighbors so they don't call the police for a murder.

get two towels

a jug for rinsing or a sprayer connected to the tap (easier)
use kitchen sink if you are up to it much easier if you have a sprayer and plug to fill sink.

practice the technique of 'scruffing' your cat, ask the vet or check online if you don't know how. when you scruff correctly you should be able to turn your cat onto it's back and not have him fighting much, if he's fighting you don't have him scruffed (exotic cats sometimes don't scruff at all and will need to be held by a partner at neck and tail end)

start off with about an inch or two of warm water in the tub or sink. with cat scruffed or partner holding take hand fulls of water and splash up or pour over the neck and back cup hands and bring water to the belly and legs. my girl will actually let me rinse or soap her up with my hand round her breast while she holds onto my arm. not sure yours will do this now but might in time.

begin to add soap (tea tree, oat meal or flea animal shampoo) and lather. at this time try and see if he will let you just massage him with out scruffing try holding the front of his shoulder/breast area with one hand and let him hold you, if not scruff and turn on sides to reach appropriate areas. leave the head and face dry to reduce water in eyes, ears, chills and mucus membrane irritation.

drain sink and with jug or sprayer(on fairly high pressure) begin to rinse the coat very close to the skin to reduce sensation to cat and spraying yourself! but best to have it on fairly high to make the process quick. rinse thoroughly turning side to side with scruff and repeat if necessary (soiled fur)

grab one towel and cover cat completely before removing from tub/sink hold close to your body and keep warm for a few mins. then change the towel and begin to dry.

good luck!
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