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I think of your Boo often because I have a Boo too, (though my Boo is a female).

My Boo got diarrhea right after I brought her home from the shelter. The vet gave me Low Residue prescription food for her thinking the food I was feeding may be too rich. I ended up stopping the canned food altogether for everyone so she wouldn't be getting into the higher quality too rich food and her stools firmed right up.

I got some Eagle Pack canned food and put some down for everyone since she was doing so much better and immediately she had diarrhea again. It's looking to me like I may just have to avoid the canned food completely for a while till she gets a bit older maybe.

I'm sure there is no relation between what has happened with your Boo and mine, but I just wanted to mention that I do think about your little guy and hope he can get past his problems real soon. He reminds me of my first Boo, (may he RIP), because he was about the same color grey.

I do hope you can get through these problems sooner rather than later.
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Vik, I've been wondering how dear little Boo is doing. Any improvement?
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His guts are not as runny, they are starting to seem to form a bit more but they are not normal. And, Peeka has been having some runs now too.

I have so many things hitting me all at once right now. My roof on my new house is apparently not right since this year it's been raining and the water is POURING in through the heating unit two nights ago. Because of all the floodiong in this area I can't even find someone to look at the roof.

I am sick; my doc walked out of her practice leaving me a terrible place since I am a pain patient who can not find a doc who will treat me. Plus I have MS and my MS is acting up.

Pixel, my darling, got into a cat fight and needs attention by the vet too. The vet was closed yesterday, on a thursday, I didn't know that, but I had to make a ton of calls and wait around about the roof anyway, so I'm taking her over today after 2 PM.

I recently learned I have lost the love of my life and will never see him again since he died of cancer. This is hitting me VERY hard. I am wreck.

They are growing and acting like wild/fun-loving kittens. They just have the runs when they go. I'm now putting acidophilus into their food but I know there are other things I need to try.
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You poor thing! You need a ((((BIG HUG))))!
I'm truly sorry about your loss; I sincerely hope things start looking up for you, and your little ones.
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Thank you SO much for the hug. Needed it.

Okay, fecals done on Peeka today, and Boo. They both turned up non specific bacteria again. Sooooooooo.

We are upping the dose of Albon for both of them (because Boo never finished his Albon (because he was SO sick and didn't recover in over a week on it we switched him to flagyl--ick but flagyl didn't help either...).

It's stronger Albon but once a day.

Plus, we are giving them ONLY a special diet of Purina PRO Plan and a moist food called Purina GastroENteric brand. I hope they love it but they seem to eat anything. He gave me samples and I'm going to give it to them after their meds right now to see.

Also got a sample of some special "treats" for them. Fiber Formula by Stewart.

No other food for these guys.

That wasn't too painful. I asked if it could be mold related, from maybe the black mold in my house I suspect is up in the rafters, and the vet said NO. Whew.

Hugs to you all who are looking in on us. Trudy apparently your Boo and mine had the same problem. What happened that yours was put to sleep? Was she a kitten when she died?

They are NOT dehydrated but they are not fully hydrated either: he said just borderline. Their gums are not great but not healthy either.

Hopefully the new diet and meds will help.

They ate half their new "moist" food then walked off. Boo shook his paw at it when he walked off, but they did each eat half before walking away (at the same time, even).
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[quote=Vik61;1328086]Trudy apparently your Boo and mine had the same problem. What happened that yours was put to sleep? Was she a kitten when she died?quote]

My Boo was a male and he was hit by a car at about 1-1/2 year old.
Here's a pic of him He was very independent and such a sweetheart to my mate and me. He used to mooch food off of Steve and I told him he should learn to keep them from begging. I'd then say punch him in the nose and curl my fist and Boo would walk up and bump his face on my fist every time.

Here is a pic of my Boo-Boo 1st as a kitten

the next one when he was older
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What a gorgeous tiger! His eyes seemed to change! As an adult his eyes look like my Boo's eyes look now...They are very almond shaped:
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I love that picture of Peek and Boo. They are really adorable little kitties.
I am still having to keep the wet food away from my little Boo. I feel like such a meanie doing that, but she goes into instant diarrhea when she has it.
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I'm just now finally getting you had a Boo-Boo and now a Boo. :-)


I've taken to calling mine Tiggy Boo.

Hopefully, I think I am already seeing signs of firming stools on only two days of the heavier Albon dose for them both.

I don't want to speak too soon but I do declare?

Honestly, tru, your Boo Boo even had the brownish nose and white chin...booowooo...
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Glad to hear you're getting firmer poop! (what a strange sentence that was! ) Still have my fingers crossed that things settle down at your house. BTW, I'm sure you already know this, but Peek and Boo are adorable!
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