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Now that I've started making my own money, I've bought a few bettas, and now I'm thinking about another hammie. I was at PetSmart the other day, and I saw (for the first time) "panda hamsters" and thought they were so adorable. I told mom that I want to get this really neat cage, and get a panda hammie, and even though she's not crazy about the idea (not a big hammie fan), she doesn't seem to care. I'll be getting stuff around for that on Wednesday/Thursday, but there's a chance that I could be getting a third hammie.. I stopped at mom's work to visit earlier, and I went upstairs to visit with a friend, and she told me she just recently got a hammie (I think it's a Syrian.. for the kids, I'm guessing?) and she said she'd give it to me, because she didn't care for having it around. I told mom about it, and told her to talk to her, and if she really wanted me to have it, then to tell me. I love hamsters, so it'd be fun to have one or two more around.