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Boy, did I feel stoooooooooopid!

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Just got back from taking Boo-Boo to the vet to have what I thought was an open sore checked where her tail should be.

What it actually is, is her little butt was sore and protruding at times because of a bit of diarrhea and she has a bacterial intestinal infection. It made me feel like a blooming idiot for not realizing that!

At any rate, they gave me some Zithromax antibiotic and Panalog cream as well as a bag of Eukanuba Low Residue prescription food to get her through this as comfortably as possible.
I'm glad I have some Natural Balance ordered. The vet said that should be ok after the prescription food is gone.

Here I have been trying to give my guys the highest quality food possible and now I find it is probably too rich. Sheesh, will I ever get it right?

Since I was taking Boo-Boo, I also took Stinker, (new stray), along and had them scan to see if he had a chip, which he didn't, so I take him back tomorrow to get checkup, shots and schedule him for a neuter.

When I was telling the woman what he needed, she asked his name and I said, "Stinker, and BTW, I'm pretty sure he has worms, that's how he got his name."

I also asked the vet about pediatric spays, because when I had called they said 6 months. The vet said they will do Boo-Boo when she gains another pound. She is 2lb
s. 3oz. now. I felt way better to hear that!

I will be so glad when I have my kits all UTD with everything and in peak heath. At least we are now in the process.

Now I am off to do some grocery shopping and will probably pick up some Eukanaba canned food to hold us over till the Eagle canned and Natural Balance get here.
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what food were you feeding them that was too rich?
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Originally Posted by jaycee View Post
what food were you feeding them that was too rich?
Serengeti, Nature's Variety Prairie Raw Instinct, Innova Healthwise and Innova Evo.
Innova Evo and Wellness.

I really don't think the food is bad for kittens, but since Boo had an intestinal infection it may possibly have not set so well with her.
There is also the fact that at the Animal Pound they get pretty low quality dry food and I'm sure they don't get any canned. Now she and Sassy, (who is 7 weeks old now), have been eating the food with relish and Sassy isn't having any problems.

I rather think the vet putting her on that low res food is just kind of a safeguard, but I'm certainly not going to complain about her having my little girls best interest in mind.
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