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Question for the breeders

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Has anyone used Baycox as a preventative for Coccidia? This drug isn't available in the US, but can be ordered from Austrailia.
Pros, cons, info?
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I've never had experience with either the drug or the disease. I did have experience one time with giarrdia - nasty stuff - lost one of my kittens to it
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Has anyone used Baycox as a preventative for Coccidia? This drug isn't available in the US, but can be ordered from Austrailia.
Pros, cons, info?
I have heard it is one of the most effective drugs for coccidia, by many canadian breeders, and a few US breeders who had ordered it out of the states. I don't know enough about it to recommend it, as I don't know if it is safe in pregnancy or weaning. I would suggest e-mailing Dr. Susan Little, who has spoke about its efficiancy in the past on FAN-H.
I have had experience with coccidia, and our vet has always gave us albon a sulfa drug. We have used it in young kittens and nursing Mom's. Albon works well, but it does not kill coccidia, it only prevents it from reproducing. It count on the kittens own immune system to fight it off. There can be different experiences with coccidia, depending on how much of the bacteria has taken over. It is best to catch it early, as it is hard on kittens.
Kittens weight can drop quickly and dehydration is probably the hardest to deal with. I would suggest keeping Sub-Q on hand, pedialyte, and a wet food such as Hills A/D if syringe feeding is needed. Keeping on top of things is needed, as they can appear fine one time, and in an hour seem lethargic and weak.
Our first experience with coccidia was very difficult, and we didn't expect the litter to make it. Our vet is wonderful and helped us through. We have had it two times since, and it wasn't nearly as bad once we knew what we were dealing with. We also figured out by the pattern of our coccidia incidents, that we had a queen that was a carrier, and shedding it. We retired her, to eliminate the problem.
Our vet says most adults won't get it, as their immune system is stronger to fight it off.
If you have any questions, please feel free to PM or e-mail me, and I will give you as much information, based on our experiences.
You can find more information on coccidiosis, by Dr. Neils Pederson, Feline Husbandry book, which is now online at UC Davis for all breeders to access. Some information will be outdated, as it was wrote in 1991, but a lot of the informations is useful. His new updated publication of Feline Husbandry is due out next year, from what I have heard.
Here is the link. http://www.vmccah.org/ There is a link to the left.
Good luck and you are in my thoughts.
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I have used Baycox to get rid of coccida and I treat every new cat that comes into my cattery with it. It works very well and I have not had a problem with coccida since then! I highly recommend it. Albon only supresses the parasite and they have to be on it for weeks to get rid of it, Baycox kills it in 3 days.
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