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confused on cat living spaces

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i have been wanting to get a siamese,burman, or himalayan kitten, but i live in a one story,one bedroom, 1000 square foot apartment. i was wondering if that was too small a space to make a cat live. is that cruel? i have grown up with cats but they have always had much more room to roam, and they were indoor/outdoor cats. if i got a cat for my apartment, it would have to be an indoor cat.
so, i am interested in all opinions. is 1000 square feet too small to keep one cat cooped up in, and not letting it go outside? if not, should i get 2 cats, so they have a playmate?
thank you in advance for any opinions you might have.
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I have a 1020 sq. ft. house with 2 cats. Before this I lived in about a 900 sq. ft. apt. I think you would be fine with 2.

Welcome to TCS.
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You should probably look out for a breed that is happy indoorsand your space is definitely sufficient.As far as I know theNorwegian or Siberian cats or the Maine Coons might be a good choice.I have a MC and am perfectly happy with it as all peaple here on the site know. I keep recommending my breeder to anybody.See that you get as much information as possibleand think of getting 2 cats because they are usually happier when they have companyespecially when you have to work and aren´t present all the time.All the best and good luck with the 4 paws Elisabeth
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I have 2 cats in 1100 square feet. We were in 870 square feet before. They are both perfectly happy! As long as you take the time to play with them, and give them exercise, you have more than enough space. Let us know what you decide!
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In college, I had a huge domestic longhair in a 400-square-foot studio apartment and he was just fine.
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thank you all for your replies, they are very helpful and encouraging.
keem 'em comin'!
just out of curiousity does anyone have any clever ideas on where to put a litter box, in my limited space, so that the whole apartment doesn't smell?
thanks again for your replies!
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I would suggest an automatic Litter Maid with a tent top. They're expensive, but great. Get the big one in case you get an extra cat. There is a gadget you can get at the pet supply stores that automatically dispenses nilodor at intervals that you set. That costs around $40. I have my litter box in the hall. Not knowing your layout, that's all the advice I can offer. I have Siamese cats, which seem to have a reputation for being very active. I have no problem with them. They were very active as kittens, but no more so than any other cat I've had.
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Regarding the smell, i think it has more to do with the type of litter you use, than where the box is. Good litters eliminate smells completely. I have a box in my bathroom, another in the living room, and occasionally one in the bedroom (I live in a two-room apartment) and when you walk in, there's no smell at all.

Like I said, I live in a two-room apartment (bedroom, living room with a connected kitchen, bathroom and sauna), and have two dogs as well as two cats. I don't really think the space as such matters greatly, as long as you make sure the cats have plenty of activity and places for them to sleep, lie and play in.
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thank you all again, your information is so helpful.
so, i have another question or opinion poll to take.
should i get 2 cats or 1? i really just want one to start off with, but i don't want it to be unhappy if i am not around. does this mean i have to get it a playmate to be fair to it, especially since it is going to be an indoor cat? and what is the consensus on siamese, burman, tonkinese or himalayan?
i grew up with a siamese which was the sweetest most human like animal i have ever encountered. so i want a cat that sweet and affectionate, but maybe a little less vocal. any ideas?
thanks again
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First of all, welcome to the site!! As for getting one or two kitties, I'd go with two.... but thats just because I'm greedy.. :laughing: Seriously, its a good idea to get two, especially if they will both be kittens, they will be able to play with each other, and it might stop them "playing" with your furniture but, if you are only able to cope with one kitty at the moment, it would be fine, as long as you give it alot of attention when you are home and give it things to do/play with while you are out.
As for the breeds you mentioned, I LOVE Birman kitties, they are quiet, snuggly affectionate and more than happy to be inside, I used to have a baby Birman and she was SUCH a sweetie, I believe Himmys, are similar, while Tonkinese and Siamese are quite a bit more vocal - very affectionate, but talkers
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I don't have personal experience, but going by posts here if you get an Oriental (Siamese & Tonks) you should probably get two. They are VERY active as kittens and need a playmate so they don't destroy your house when you aren't home, or even when you are. If not being home all the time is a concern, you might consider adopting grown up cats since they don't require as much constant care as kittens. There's always many adult cats who need good homes, as well as kittens. Sometimes a breeder will also sell the queens once they are retired from the breeding program (they can still be pretty young, depending on how many litters the breeder lets her have).
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