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Our new kitty, Wick.

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My brother leaves tomorrow, first for Colorado for a couple of days to visit our dad, and then to Japan, to work teaching English for one to two years. We will miss him greatly but are all very excited that he has this opportunity. He's wanted to do this for a long, long time.
His leaving is why I got his cat.
Well, Friday evening we went and picked up the cat and brought her to our place. She thoroughly disliked the car ride, but only expressed this through constant mewing, and was pretty much fine as soon as we let her out of the carrier. She explored a bit, though only the bedroom until she was more comfortable. As soon as she started pawing at the door we let her explore the rest of the apartment (supervised, though she seems to not be the type of cat who jumps on/in everything and knocks things down)and at 8pm we gave her some dinner. The first night she woke us up a few times, mostly because we weren't used to noises at night, like scratching in the litterbox, but she did meow loudly a couple of times and once jumped up on the bed and laid right between our pillows, giving me a face full of cat. She wasn't cuddly at all but did like attention and pettings. I think she was looking for my brother, though, because she kept looking around and going out into the living room and meowing. She used the litterbox just fine, both pee and poo.
The next day she seemed more personable. She claimed my computer chair, which is now covered in cat hair (this, however, is partially because my dear BF, Cory, who is absolutely infatuated with this cat, was brushing her for about 30 minutes while she was on my chair). We gave her a little fresh catnip, which she really liked but it didn't seem to affect her in any normal catnip way. She seems to like her food (we're feeding her Nutro wet, half a can twice a day) but only eats a bit at a time and tries to bury it during the breaks in eating using whatever's nearby (a dirty sheet, a pair of Cory's boxers, and once, Cory's sandal strap). That night she woke us up twice, both times because she was meowing REALLY LOUDLY and wouldn't stop until we pet her. I think she was just lonely. And maybe bored.
Sunday not much new happened. She did once jump up and sit in Cory's lap, which was something we hadn't seen her do before. I was a little worried because I hadn't seen her drink any water, but I talked to my brother and he said she just doesn't drink in front of people. She hangs out with us in our room most of the time, but still wasn't what I'd call cuddly. Last night she only woke me up once, and it was because she jumped up on the bed and laid down on my chest.
This morning she was really, really cuddly. Also, I saw her drink some water, so that eased my mind. She followed me around all morning, sat in my lap or on my desk or on the sill beside me while I was on the computer, and was a general cutie. I know we've only had her three days, but I and my BF are both in love with this wonderful cat. She's 12 years old, so she might only have a few years left, which breaks our hearts, but we are so lucky and blessed that we get to spend her last years with her.
I posted pics in the photo forum
Oh! and since she has been acting lonely (at our place and also at our brother's) and we happen to know she loves other cats, we're getting her a companion in about a month!
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This all sounds wonderful!

When you do get her a companion, remember to check the introduction threads to smooth things over.
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Congratulations on your new cat! Sounds like you and Cory are both very in tune with her needs and wants Your brother will be thrilled at her progress! If she is an inside cat, you can have, hopefully, another 5-7 years with her!
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