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All for show?

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I'm not really worried about this as no one's getting hurt but just thought I'd share as it makes me laugh and wondered if it's just my neurotic boy that does this....

We have 2 new kittens, Willow and Sedgewicke and I was really pleased to catch Wrinkles (one of our older boys) licking one of the kitten's heads. However, the moment he noticed me watching he let out a quick (and quite pathetic growl) then gave poor little Sedgewicke a quick swat across the back!

There are a couple of times he hasn't seen me watching and carried on grooming the kitten but whenever he sees me he tries to pretend that he really doesnt like the baby and makes a big production out of letting me know. As I said, there are no claws out and no one's getting hurt so I'm not too worried about it but it really is funny to watch!
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I had the same problem with Cuddles. She would be playing with Sushi, and she would notice I was watching. She turn around and hiss and swat at Sushi.

I think its like the older child getting a long with the younger one and not wanting the parents to know he/she actually likes the younger child.
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