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Does this sound right????

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Okay all,,, happy Monday..

I just adopted her on 8/5/06...
I took Angel to the doctor on Saturday, she has a upper respiratory infection, so she got put on Amoxicillan, and triple antibotic cream for her eyes. Anyways, she has ear mites, and she was only wormed once.

The vet said that she needs wormed,, 3 times. Is that right????

Does that sound right????

Let me know...
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3 dewormings sounds right to me. I believe it's normal for kittens to have a set of 3 and I know our vet does a feacal test after that to ensure they're worm free.
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Giving the deworming meds three times is going to be cheaper than giving it once, paying for a fecal exam, finding out the worms aren't gone, and having to deworm again anyway.
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Depending on the type of worms but...

For something common like round worms yes 3 times is right. Though there will be variance from vet to vet.
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I know that they did Loki three times when he was a kitten. He's checked annually with his physical and shots - so far nothing. The vet told me when he was a baby that quite often the kittens are born with them and they need the three times to make sure they get rid of them all. If Angel is an indoor kitty, she should be OK after that, since they tend to pick them up outside after that!
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is she still getting milk from her mother? the way it was explained to me is that they get the worms from their mothers milk so thats why they have to keep worming them until they are weaned. if she has been wormed already since being weaned i dont think she needs it again.
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