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Food Disaster here. Help?

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Okay... I just moved two days ago. The grocery store here doesn't carry Zissou's old food (Iams). I found a pet shop down the street, walked there to discover that it's DISGUSTING. There was food all over the floor, flies, dirt... Oh, and the canned food expired in 2002 or 2003, most of it.

I had a coupon for a bag of Nutro Complete Care for free. I examined the only bag they had, and it was actually a new bag, and not dirty, so I got it, since it was free and if there was something wrong I'd just throw it out. It seems fine, the seal was still tight.

Needless to say, I'm not going back there.

So. I have enough dry food for quite some time, but I'm running out of wet.

I'm gonna go check the grocery soon and see if they have those little containers of Meow Mix....

This is so frustrating
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Can you order it online? I know a lot of our members order theirs online. Glad you checked the dates on the wet food. Poor Zissou could have had bad dinner if you hadn't!
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That stinks! I was going to suggest checking with the local dollar stores until I read you found some that were expired.

I found the IAMS 3 oz cans for .50 apiece and got a bunch and am now frantically looking for the expiration date (didn't think to ever look for one) and cannot find one on these small cans! (Wondering if that is what is making my Boo sick...) IAMS chicken is one of the few wet foods Boo will even eat a little so I have ONLY been feeding him the IAMS and of course he is the only one sick.

I thank you for posting this today because I think I will return them just in case. The only number on the can that might be the date says 030208.

Is there another cleaner feed store who might order food for you? Sounds like you are out past the burbs, eh? And I know you can't be happy with feeding them Meow Mix...
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Do you have Ace hardware where you live? Where I live they are now carrying Nutro foods.
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My Wal-Mart carries Iams.
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My grocery store carries IAMS, you may want to check there.
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here are some online places you can try - i can't remember who sells what, but Iams is preey common, so it's worth looking. i know the petco & petsmart places sell it.

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Vik- The super-gross place was actually a specialty pet store, not a dollar store or discount store or anything. The price on the 4-lb bag of Nutro says 9$. I didn't look at the canned food prices... I bet they were expensive as well as expired and dirty. Your cans are probably just fine if they're from a chain store.

I'm actually looking out my bedroom window at the skyline of the city right now-- I'm in an urban area, but without a car and without knowing where stuff is it's difficult. There's a Petco about a mile away, hopefully I can get there on the bus.

Karen- What is your grocery store? The only one near here is a Kroger, and there is a Giant Eagle but much further away. I just checked there... they have no Iams dry food, cat or dog, only a couple kinds of wet, but Zissou quit liking Iams wet after they changed their formulas.

I'm going to try and go the online ordering route. Thanks for those links, Laureen.

I did find the MeowMix little buckt-type foods. Hopefully Zissou likes them but it's a temporary solution anyway because there's too much fish.

Geesh. On top of moving. Of course the grocery store doesn't have her dry food. Why would they, right? That would just be too easy!
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Another place to check online is Amazon. They have really good prices on shipping and i am 99% sure they have iams.
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Another great online pet food superstore. www.petfooddirect.com

One thing that always concerns me about ordering canned food on line. I've seen so many interesting brands here. Nature's Logic is one of them and the canned California Natural looks good too. But you don't get to sample any kind, you have to buy the whole case and if your cat doesn't like the food, you're stuck with it and on top of it you paid a lot for shipping fees plus the price of food. They do have a return policy but of course you don't get reimbursed for the shipping fees and you have to pay to ship it back. But if you know what your cat likes it's very convenient. They have almost everything.
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It would be a great promotional for online stores to do something along the lines of selling samples for their customers. Suggest it. I will too as I shop around.

Zissou'sMom, maybe a vet clinic would be able to help you. I think of this because i just came from there and they have all kinds of information and food in their clinic. They just gave me a big thing of Purina Pro Plan food. (they also gave me a very comprehensive book/magazine on kittens/cats--which would be helpful for anyone new to them)

Anyway, I am now wondering if I should check the expiration on the Merrick's that I picked up half price at my feed store. It's a Petsmart but it's really called "Valley Feed" so I don't know...I'll check it.

Definitely donate that wet food our cats won't eat, eh? I know I can always use it for the foster kits. Hugs all and ZMom I hope you get acclimated to your new home soon. Moving is way up there on the list of life's major stressors, so be gentle with yourself.
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