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Radio question of the day: 08/14/06

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Does the way your spouse/boy-girlfriend/betterhalf/parent drive scare you???
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Since we moved to the big city my soon to be hubby's driving scares me!
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No, Jason is the only person I feel safe driving with..we are always the ones who volunteer to drive...
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Yes!! He feels invincible in the car. I'm actually glad he got a ticket so now he can't say he never got anything and no longer invincible. Actually since the ticket his driving is much better..
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No, he actually is a very safe driver.
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Lee is a very skilled driver and has saved us from several accidents. But he still does scare me at times. He likes to go fast and pushes the limits sometimes and I don't like that.
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My dad's driving scares me because everytime they drive from NY to KY to see us he gets a speeding ticket. He said: mom fell asleep so I went 110!!!!
And believe it or not that was not when he got the ticket LOL. Also one time they came here and a pair of my dads socks were hanging out of the trunk the whole time,(for the 12 hour drive) and he was yelling at my mother when they got here and realized it, it was too funny.
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No, he's a pretty good driver.... most of the time
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I don't have a S/O.. but the way my parents drive doesn't scare me.
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Only when he is trying to read email on his Blackberry while driving!
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When my mom ws driving she scared everyone who rode with her-we have a steep hill with a sharp curve in the middle of the hill with a stop sign at bottom (has open water on both sides)-I can't ever remember her stopping completely at the sign-
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
Only when he is trying to read email on his Blackberry while driving!
and try and take a swig of his coffee. Drives me crazy.

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The way everyone drives scares me
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Nope he is a really safe driver, im more wreckless!
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Jerry scares me.......I have to keep reminding him that he's not in a firetruck!!
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My husband is a safe driver except when he wants to quickly race someone. He drives safefully, but I do have the adrenaline up in my system until he slows down. He never speeds when our daughter is with us.
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Sometimes... DH is what I call a "right" driver. He won't stop if someone looks like they are going to crash into us, even if it's to avoid an accident, because it would be their fault.
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Hubby used to scare me, but we met when we were very young and he didn't really know how to drive back them. Every year he gets to be a better driver.
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Nah. Hubby does most of the driving and while he IS road rage waiting to happen, he isn't to bad of a driver. Of course I'm used to his driving and well, my friends say he is dangerous and are nervous to ride with him, but I guess I'm immune.
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Sometimes! I think driving the big truck all day has got him driving our little cars a bit crazy! Oh and tonight...we bought a treadmill and it wouldn't quite fit in the car so we drove home with it hanging out. Of course we had no bungee cords or anything. So he pulled off one of the straps around it and tied that to the trunk latch while I threaded one of the backseat seatbelts through another strap and buckled it. Quite brilliant aren't we!?! I was so nervous the whole way home! I don't think I've ever told him to slow down so many times in one car trip!
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My Mum is a safe and wonderful driver. I'm very lucky she was able to teach me.
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Rob's a pretty good driver. I've driven with other people I've vowed never to drive with again but Rob's pretty good.
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