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We used to be pretty rural here. I'm in the middle of 3 towns. The one to the south is slowing working it's way north and more and more woods and farms are being eaten up with subdivisions. (With houses that are too big, too pricey and most who move in are only here a few years!) We are also in the middle of 3 golf courses!

The entrepreneur who bought my grandfather's farm wanted to put lots of houses in the woods behind us, but he needed our house and the two on either side. Mom refused to sell so only one house could be built back there. A man who grew up in our neighborhood (and sis used to babysit) bought the house to our south after that neighbor died. He thanked mom for not selling out - he could afford the house - and thanks her weekly by mowing the front and side yard. (We offered to pay for his gas, but he declined. Said he needed a place to "turn the mower around". )

The other 2 towns are more redneck and not as popular as the town to the south but they are growing. They are finally improving the road to those towns from Evansville. Anyway, we don't have too far to drive to shop and to visit the vet (I knew him in school!). Mom likes it here (she's been here since 1930), as do I. Can't help it, we are north of Paradise! (Small community that never did incorporate.)
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I'm up in the mountains of So. California in Big Bear. About 30,000 people. We have enough amenities up here to get by, but if you want the mega stores, it's an hour down the hill in either direction. I'm originally from Orange County, so it is an adjustment for me. Though I did live the past 7 years in the Portland, Or area. I can take it either way, but the ideal is to live in a small city about 20-30 miles from a large city.

I actually really like it up here because of the beautiful scenery and the clean air. Although I wish the public transportation ran a little more than once an hour!!
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