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What is the town like where you live?

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We were discussing that here......my bosses wife is going to NYC, and she just LOVES it there and would love to move there. She lives in an affluent but small town here in Ohio at the moment..........

I live in a small town, but not rural..........that's my dream. To live in the country somewhere,,,,,,,,but not TOO far from a city with groceries, docs, vets, etc..........
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My town is small and quiet. There is a vet right down the road and a grocery store close to. But to get to anyhting good like McDonalds or Walmart you judt drive like 5 minutes and you are there!! I love it!
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I guess you could say I live in the burbes.... but would love to live a little further out in the sticks *LOL* where you don't have built in peeping toms as neighbors.

Maybe some day I'll get my wish - right now the comute to work would be too crazy !!!
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I live in the 6th largest city in Canada...I hope to be able to move back to a small town someday.
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I live out in the country with a bunch of farms and a recycling plant right across the street. Theres a variety store about 5 minutes away and then the next closest store is 10 minutes away. To get to anything good 15-20 minutes.
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I live in town so to speak. It's a small hick town that if you close your eyes while driving thru it, you'll miss most of it! It consists of mostly, bars, hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Pretty nice huh? But it does have some perks, no major crime, (yet) no gangs (yet) and you know pretty much everyone on your block if you choose to. I choose not to because most of my neighbors are drug dealers and I don't want that kind of element in my life. The sad thing is we live a few houses from the mayor and the drug dealers live across the street, Comeon, what do you have to do to get someone arrested around here?
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I live in the capital of Canad so there are a lot of government buildings and lots of businesses. The streets are busy and there are plenty of people. I wouldn't call it a typical capital city, there are not a lot of overly tall buildings as it is part of the tradition that no building can be taller than the highest tower at parliment. You do tend to see a lot of cars driving arund with embasidorial licence plates. It is quite a clean city with a lot of greenspace. But there is also a mall every 2 blocks. I like it but I also love getting out to the country on the weekends.
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I live in a town that has about 30,000 people - its a normal sized city - with all the things a girl would need -a mall, restaraunts, doc, vet - and just about every retail store that you need

There are a lot of tourists around tho, since its right on the Mississippi, and we have a really big state college in town as well. So in the fall/winter - its really a busy, bussling city. Its really pretty here, so we get a lot of people that come for the fall colors.

I love it here, its the perfect size for me

I grew up in a town of about 1,000 people - but I loved it there too!
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I live in a college town so there is a lot to do, Football games are the best!
We are the largest city for eating out in the nation there are so many restaurants it's ridiculous there isn't just like 1 O'Charley's or Applebee's there is like 5 of them. You don't have to drive far to see the most beautiful horse farms!! In our Subdivision we live on a cul de Sac and our house backs up to a horse farm so it's really nice and quiet! I love it here!!
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I live in Highland Park, which is a section of the capital of Minnesota. It's a more affluent section of St Paul, though our part of the section is less so. Since it is St Paul, pretty much anything we could ever want is within a 5-10 minute drive- we also live very close to Minneapolis, maybe a 5 minute drive away, so city life is right nextdoor. However we live on a very central street of that area, so the traffic and parking is awful. Other than that, I love where we live. Easy to get public transport, tons of shops and restaurants, doctors and vets in walking distance... anything we could want, including the river and several large public parks.
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I also live in a college town. I am a season ticket holder for football, and I like the summer the best (less students!).

There are two super Walmart's within 20 minutes of each other, and we're getting another strip mall closer to where I just moved (it'll be our third Starbucks, not including the ones that are in the stores).

However, unless you want to go to a bar, the nightlife here is lacking.
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Originally Posted by emrldsky View Post
I also live in a college town. I am a season ticket holder for football, and I like the summer the best (less students!).

There are two super Walmart's within 20 minutes of each other, and we're getting another strip mall closer to where I just moved (it'll be our third Starbucks, not including the ones that are in the stores).

However, unless you want to go to a bar, the nightlife here is lacking.

We are season ticket holders too don't you just love it?? B-ball ticket holders too but I don't like to go to them...hurts my back...This is a big basketball town here, but I love my football~~~
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I live in the 2nd largest city in the US. There is pretty much everything you could want or need here. I wish I lived in a more suburbon area, however, at this time I live the the Hollywood area. Tourists everywhere, lots of traffic, and a fun nite life. Sadly though, I work at night.

Truthfully, I'd rather live in New York City, in a penthouse apartment.
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I live in a small rural town of about 3,000. A lot of the people who live here are retired farmers, so it's a pretty quiet town. I live on the very edge of my town and I just love looking out my windows and seeing the countryside...it's sooooo peaceful. When we want to go out and do things, we have several larger cities nearby to choose from, plus we're not too far from the twin cities metro area.
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I live near Birmingham, Alabama...but the "town" I live in is probably 25 miles from the city...which I like because we are kind of secluded from all the chaos...

Since its a suburb, it's really quiet and its only 15 mins away from work and 20 mins away from the mall and all the resturants!! I love it!!
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I live in a rural area in the Adirondack Mts.-it used to be very quiet with few people during the off seasons now it's non-stop- the whole area is becoming a second-home destination & what made the ADKs so special & unique is slowly becoming no more because as people are building they also want to bring in all the "city conviences" ,too -for example when we bought our property 45 yrs. ago there were 5 homes on the road -now there are 40 & most of them have been built in the last 5 yrs. & are second homes. Many of our local families aren't able to afford to keep their homes they may have lived in for many years as taxes increase ever year & the burden to pay for services falls on the year round resident-Has become a major crisis & political fodder-In addition to pushing wildlife out
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I live near Hastings on the south east coast of England.We're about 2 miles from the sea.
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Originally Posted by Lizmarie View Post
I live near Hastings on the south east coast of England.We're about 2 miles from the sea.
I'm jealous!!!
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Orem Utah is very Burb like, with much less to do and zero nightlife
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I live in a city with just over 30,000 people. There's always lots of tourists/older folk here, since we have the tunnels, spa, casino, etc. I guess you could say my city is well-known somewhat, because of our goofy name. :P
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My town is small. Its kinda run down and everyone around me speaks spanish so I can't understand them. But they are all really nice deceant people. I wish I knew Spanish.
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I live in a small city, about 75,000 on last count. It's a university and college town so I'm not sure what that number becomes during the school year. It's very eclectic thanks to the international students, but also very mellow since it has the most retirement communities per capita! lol.
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The town I live in is small and mostly quiet.. except for the "neighbors" across the street. I like living in a rural area.. I don't like really crowded places.
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The town I live in is fairly small with few amenities for young families. (I lived here in HS and we didn't get a movie theatre within 30 minutes until my junior year). We have to drive about 30-45 minutes to get to a real mall (although they've almost finished one about 20 minutes away, but it doesn't have a ton of stores.) We are just now starting to get mid-size city restaurants-Red Robin, Fuddrucker's, Bonefish Grill, PF Changs have opened or are set to open this year. We are a rapidly growing area (some estimates have the NW Arkansas metroplex larger than Dallas/FTW by 2015.) We are consistently ranked among the top 20 places to live in the US.
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I have just moved to the town of my dreams- or close to....I would like to move more towards my mom's. It is beautiful with lots of trees and I love the clouds here.....along witht the rain and thunderstorms.....I am in heaven
Where I am from was a big town in Cali.....very fast pace and here is more layed back......thank GOD.
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My town sucks!! It is a very small town, with one stop light.....no Wal Mart, no mall nothing-LOL!!! It isnt really all that bad, it does get boring though. I mean the small town safety and the schools are nice, but when you want something good to eat or wanna go shopping, you got to drive.
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i dont really live in a town, kinda in between cleveland and very very tiny town,
i guess it kinda goes long with the very tiny house(grrr i really cant beleave how much i paid for this shack)

however i like it not much noise. the next house over is about 200 yards away,
that wife SOOOO hates it, it is 30 min to get to like any real shopping,(if she would stay in the US long enough to get DL she could drive herself) she is scared of the woods that are around saying someone could break in and no would hear her yell for help.

however my real house that i have in bali, is up in hills not far from town. front view is rice fields and back veiw is the ocean or boy i miss that place i hope that get this court case over soon so i can go back,
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I live in quite a small "town" in the desert. It's my perfect balance of rural + town. I have 6 acres and most of our neighbors have about that, sometimes more, sometimes less. The construction and growth here is insane. The last population count said about 6,000 people. I think it's just about doubled. It's really ssad how much desert has been chopped down and how many animals have lost their homes. I miss the way it was before it grew.
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I think the small town that is 2 miles away is I'm thinking less than 1000 people. No stop lights, a bunch of bars, a grocery store, video store-the only FF is Subway at the gas station!! We have lots of large dairy farms but slowly its getting developed. My road is 1.5 miles long and there are now 18 houses up from 6 in 1987 when we bought our house. We have 5 plus acres which is enough for now!! But we are halfway between Green Bay (Lambeau Field-the football mecca for many!!) and Appleton which has the largest shopping district in the state of WI. So I take my pick on what city I want to go to on any given day as it takes about 20 min or so.
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I live in our state's capital city, but it is not our biggest city at all. Untill recently we had lots of pretty farm land surrounding the town. Our downtown has lots of beautiful colonial times buildings. Plus brick streets and things. I love that area. Most things are conveniently near by. But now they are building huge houses on top of each other. It's a crying shame in the name of greed! They say retired people are buying these houses...what retired person wants a +250,000 square foot house to clean!?! Ever heard of working smarter not harder people!?! You retired to keep up with that!?! Ok off my soap box.

Other than that my town is pretty nice. It's a good mixture of people and backgrounds I think. I don't particularly care for my current neighborhood, but it deffinately could be worse. Hopefully in about 2 years we'll be moving on to a 'real house.'
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