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Human illness and cats

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Abi has always been close to me but last week I underwent surgery for skin cancer and a recontruction as it was on my upper lip. Ever since then she has not been more than ten feet away from me, usually much closer. and if I leave a room she immediately follows me to sit nearby. I swear she knows something is up as she is more cuddly and affectionate than usual and I sure am glad as I really need it. What do you others think?
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I have always believed cats are aware when there favorite humans are not feeling well physically and mentally and try to offer extra love to there owners. I know mine do.
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I believe that cats and dogs do sense these things and respond accordingly.
Good luck with your healing!
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They definitely know. Just after we brought my new kittens home I had to take my mother to the airport and knew I wouldn't be seeing her for a few months. I was really upset and even though Willow hadn't been at all cuddly or affectionate up to that point she was there as soon as I got home, gave me lots of cuddles, was rubbing all around me and purring up a storm. They definately know....
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I was upset about something and it wasn't even that important and my cat Indy sat on my chest and decided to love on me until I calmed down.

Animals are more sensitive to body language and scent and things than people are so I wouldn't consider it abnormal for a cat to know something's different and to want to reassure that its okay and going to be ok.

Indy's momma and Kasey's too.

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When I cry about something Layla comes to my side extra cuddly. But if Im nervous or worried......she takes off like a lightining bolt! Where are my cuddles then?
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For sure they know. I think of the days (not frequent fortunately) that I come home totally zonked and depressed by my day, and wnat nothing more than to crash for a while -- and who's there within 30 seconds of my landing on the bed? Cindy. With a little love session and then just lays down beside me or between my legs. And she knows when Mum's ready to get up, too.

Then there was Suzy, when Rob hurt his back 18 months ago. He spent a lot of time horizontal, much of it in the livingroom, and she was there with him a lot of the time, often waiting for him. This is the cat who mostly doesn't go in the livingroom under normal circumstances.

Oh, yeah, they know. Lotsa }}}}vibes{{{{ Hope your healing goes well, and you're feeling better soon. Meanwhile, isn't it lovely to have a little furry
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I heard that cats can help with healing and relaxation, they're very spiritual creatures. Also, apparently people who own cats have a lower blood pressure and live longer! Definetely, when I'm sick and the cats come and sit or sleep on the bed, it makes me feel a little better.
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Yes, quite a many people report such things; cats helping their favorite human, usually the Ma.
Some even reporting the cat seems to know where it hurts, and lying just on the hurting spot (NOT his usual lying place) or even kneading this place.

Other cats perhaps not doint any fancy things, but instead of wrestling and wild chasing - lying quietly and spinning near their Ma (or dear Pa).

It is not a wonder. Cats usually try to help and console their cat-friends when they sick or dying. (but if not friends they may try to attack the sick one... ).
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When my husband was home for almost a year before and after a back operation our Zasha didn't leave his side for more than a few minutes now and then, to eat and go to toilet. During periods when he was in severe pain she stayed in bed with him and when he came home from the hospital she guarded his every step to see to that he didn't disappear again. It was amazing to see since she normally is an outdoor cat.
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I had a kidney stone once, and Fred sat on my pillow while I slept, and watched over me. My SO said he did not leave once, and stayed awake the whole time. I woke up for a few minutes, and invited him to cuddle, and he got next to me and slept once he knew I was ok.
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now that it's a week post surgery Abi seems to know I can do more and is playing gently and playing hide and seek again. It's quite amazing the wonders this small dream of an animal has brought into my life.
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It's an amazing but true story: dogs can smell cancer. They are more accurate than X rays and screenings!
Cats, too have an advanced sense of smell and they can tell when something is wrong with you.
When I got Gizmo I had a lot of knee troubles. They disappeared within a month. I read that the cat's purr has the same frequency as a very expensive machine that is used for muscle repair in hospitals. A cat is a lot more fun to have around.
And they definitely lower your blood pressure.
It's nice that your beautiful pet is helping you get well. The healing will be very quick with the help of this good friend.
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yes their sense of smell is uncanny, I can - to my ears - silently open a bottle of Pounce and she is there like a flash in two seconds flat.
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Yeah, I have had a few times where the cats have been like superglue to me, even when it is totally out of character to them - sometimes I havent even known I Was feeling under the weather!! And if I am upset, they sometimes allow me to cuddle them (an honour at times!!)
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I had a painful knot in my shoulder that would not go away. My massage therapist couldn't loosen it. One night when I was laying on my stomach, Carly came up and kneaded it for awhile. The pain was gone. Now if I could convince her again for a back rub
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When I was sick with the flu, Zissou laid in bed with me the whole week. She wasn't sick, but she only left my side to go potty and eat, and that's it.

She also wakes me up from nightmares by pushing on my shoulder and meowing.

My sister's cat will lick the tears off your face when you cry. And no, it's not because they taste salty, he nudges you and purrs and put his paw on your shoulder.

Why wouldn't they though, we do it for them!
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Yeah, cats definately know when you are ill or upset. When I had a panic attack the other night Villy jumped up on the bed and she was right in my face. I tried to make her move down to the end of the bed as I wanted some space but she wouldn't move!
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