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Who's been to Jamaica?

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Okay, I know I asked about all inclusives and now we are focusing on just Jamaica. Who has been there and where have you stayed? Did you like it, not like it, were indifferent about it? I can't believe it is this hard to find somewhere to go on vacation
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We stayed at the sunset jamaica grande, an all inclusive in Ocho rios. It is a bit of a haul from the airport, and is a cruise ship port. It was nice and we had a good time. If we were honeymooning I probably would have stayed somehwere a bit nicer, like a sandals or something.
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I've been to Jamaica twice (the last time was 10 years ago though)

The first one was close to Montego Bay called Ambience (it's long since closed)

and the other one was Trelawny Beach Hotel near Ocho Rios.

I loved each time I went and would go back again.
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We went to jamaica on our honeymoon...it was part of a 7 day cruise....

Our ship ported at Montego Bay, Jamaica.....at first I honestly didn't like it because we went in october of '04 which was right after hurrican Ivan (I think) and it had done some really bad damage to the island....once we got to our excursion which was at Dunne's falls it was really pretty except the locals were all trying to sell us weed....you have to just ignore them, because they are pretty pushy....

I am sure that the all inclusive resorts are nice though
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I have been to Negril Jamaica and we stayed at a place called Xtabby's or something it was a long time ago but it's so poverty stricken there it was very sad I left most of my suitcase for the maid!
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mmmm Iv'e never been there
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Just the Bahamas and Hawaii for me........would love to go though!
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I think we've narrowed it down to staying in Negril at a Couples resort. They're kinda like a Sandals, all-inclusive and what not. Apparently they have awesome beaches and gorgeous sunsets.
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I go every year..... we love it there. It's cheap, it's close.... the people are laid back & friendly.... the drinks are free & start at 10am..... I mean, for the $$$ it's cheaper than staying at the Jersey shore for a week. We stayed in Montego Bay, Negril several times & Ocho Rios. While I liked all the area, Negril or Montego Bay has the most to do....I never stayed at Couples, but it's a beautiful hotel, and has a great reputation. If you do go to Negril, definately see Rick's Cafe.... you can go cliff diving into the ocean....and it's the most beautiful sunset you will ever see in your life. We always rent motorcycles and drive all over the Island.... Negril is about 2 hrs away from the airport in Montego Bay, so prepare for a bus ride, and having to leave your hotel early to catch your return flight home. We usually catch a puddle-jumper plane for about $120-$160per person, and then fly to the Negril airstrip. If you go this route, you will be at your hotel in 20 minutes.

The positives:
calm ocean, gorgeous beaches, beautiful wildlife, friendly people, easy to get to, great prices, and all inclusive.....

The negatives:
yes they will ask you if you want your hair braided-just say no thank you, yes someone will ask you if you want to buy drugs-just say no thank you, when you go to their "craft market" they will hound you to look/buy one of their things-don't get angry, they are a very poor people and tourism is their lively hood.... take a look at their things, you can always negotiate with them over prices, and if you don't see anything just say no thank you....

If you have anymore ?'s feel free to PM me..... I've been there like 7 times, and will most likely go for a mini-vacation in 2007....
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Cool thanks. We just booked at Couples Negril for 6 nights. We are so excited. We're going at the end of February. I don't know if I can wait that long. You should go to Negril then too
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