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Feline Distemper

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I just want to make people aware of something and encourage them to tell others. One of my cats recently got very sick and when we took her to the vet we found out that her white blood cell count was considerably below normal at 2,000. Normal is 8,000-12,000. The vet kept her for a few days and while she's still sick, she's doing much better. While they're not sure, they feel like it is probably feline distemper. Since I first got my cats two years ago, I made sure I had them vaccinated to prevent something like this ocurring. Even so, we keep them inside at all times and we don't let them have contact with other cats. However, somehow they managed to contract this horrible virus despite our efforts. It could have been from our own contact with another cat that had it, even something like having it on our shoe and coming in the house with it. Because both of my cats have been vaccinated and they are no longer kittens, they have a good chance of fighting it. However, it angers me when people take such a nonchalant attitude about vaccinating their cats. If you can't afford to get them their shots, don't accept the free kitten! It doesn't matter if your cat stays indoors all the time either, they MUST have their vaccinations. I doubt I'll ever find out exactly how my cats got sick and I can only hope that they will get completely better. Please let people know that they must vaccinate their pets, not only to protect their own pets but as a courtesy to others.
Thank you.
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The virus can lay dormant for a year before finding a host. An infected flea could of gotten inside your house, or you could of tracked something across your floors, it is hard to say. I am glad you kitties are going to be okay. If they get past the 5 day mark, they are on their way to health. Good luck!
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