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Aggession or Working things out aggression??

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this is a little long-

2 wks ago we rescued a female tabby from outside our complex, there have been some kittens loose in the neighborhood- and when it was really warm a few weeks ago- one of them was fouind dead on a neighbor's front lawn....so we decided to do something- we got a havahart trap and were going to try to get to know them and then give them away to a kind lady who socializes ferals and then if they can be- adopted out.
So mairbelle is the first one we have caught so far. We are going to keep her- she is sooo sweet- she is about 3 mos, and very small- so I am feeding her and keeping her in a safe room.
Otis our first cat( little over a year) is aggressive. We tried to get him a friend- but this little one boston was not a good fit- he was too young( 8 mwks) and had grown up inside all his life, so he was friendly- but we ended up giving him back- all Otis would do is attack him. We were told that a female would be better for him- Otis was feral as well but was found when he was a kitten- and the lady who fostered him said he was in a house full with other kittens like him- it just took him awhile to get used to them.
Now fast forward to 3 days ago...we have been keeping otis and mirabelle apart- she has been bathed and we got rid of her fleas, etc.
I am outside her window this particular day and see otis in her room! So i get him out- he never saw her in there, bnut she knows he is there- 3 other times that day- he put his big head through the barrier i had put up and was in her room again, this time he saw mirabelle- so they were investigating each other- but this time things were diffrent-
- his ears were front and his tail wasnt bristeled
- his wiskers were down, but he wasnt trying to over power her
It just seemed like he was curious. I was watching them for a few minutes, and he was still watching her. So i but a crack in the door where they could see each other, and they were sniffign at each other's noses, so we were like ok, lets just give this a little while longer. I was very encouraged by how well it was going- Otis would try to sniff her butt- but she wouldn let him and would hiss or growl and he would run away and hide and then come back and try again. They have been playing through the door yesterday and today- except saturday, we let mirabelle into the hall for a minute- otis sniffer her nose and rubbed his cheek against hers and then tried to bite her neck!!!
Is he playing her trying to hurt her!! i am concerned...then i let her out until the hall again today for a minute and he tried to jump on her back! but if i let him into her room he will not try to bite her, but he wil try to swat at her, but he is not in a defensive pose. He is on a high place and she on a low one.
A minute ago they were playing through the door- then otis starts to hiss and a line starts forming down his back! Can anyone possibly help me???????
we didnt inted on them meeting so soon- things were going well, so we give them brief visits together- mirabelle will have her tail in the air when we are in the room, so she is ot scared of him i think- she just dosnt want him touching her.

I think that maybe since she came out intot he hallway and that is his turf that he got defensive- I just want to make sure that what happened with boston dosnt happen again with mirabelle.

Anyone have any ideas???
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I had young female kittens in the house with adult neutered males. My one male was extremly interested and stood over her, biting her neck(gently) and dancing with his hind legs. I took this to mean mating behavior since this looked like the mating tigers I saw on a nature show. Someone responded that it is showing dominance. Whatever it was, I separated them and they had verynlittle interaction since then. I think my guy was heartbroken because he really liked her, but she wasn't spayed, and although I think she was way too youn to become pregnant, I wanted to protect her form the "dirty old man". Maybe this cat will turn out to be a suitable friend for your guy. Sounds like he likes her but once she is neutered, he might change his mind.
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I will have to watch out then- has anyone had this experience? This is the first time I am hearing about this.
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