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throwing up question

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Princess has recemtly thrown up today and about a day or 2 ago. I am not sure what is wrong with her. she has been eating and acting fine and going to the bathroom fine. but here throw up literally looks like a pile of food she put in her mouth, chewed it up and spit it back out. should i be worried or call the vet?
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I'm not about to tell you whether you should take her to the vet or not as I'm sure there are far more experienced people here. However, having had cats for years I've had two at separate times that have done the exact same thing - particularly with dried food.

Having watched them they both did the same thing - have a belly full at feeding time, drink loads of water then throw up. 5 minutes later they'll go and eat again and be fine. With the two I've had like this it only happens about once or twice in a month and they're healthy (verging on being a little chubby), happy and full of beans. Knowing my two they just have eyes bigger than their bellies!
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Does Princess gobble her food down really fast? If she does, that could be the cause. Slow her down by putting a couple ping-pong balls in her food dish or by spreading her food out on a pet tray. Another thing to try is to elevate the food dish a couple inches off the ground.
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By only throwing up a couple of times over a matter of days, I would not be too concerned yet.
Keep an eye on her, slow down her eating, raise her bowl up on a phone book for meal times. Make sure she doesn't drink too much water directly afterwards (this can cause some animals to vomit).
And try to think of anything she may have gotten into and eaten, or any products you have used in your home recently that you don't normally use, which could have caused this if she came in contact with said product.

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Elevating the food dish did wonders for my Teddy - he would gobble food down, and then it would come back up looking like he just ate it. My dishes are elevated about 3-4 inches and he doesn't throw up like that anymore!
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Oh man! Does this bring back memories! My cat used to throw up daily for a long time until I figured out that some of the canned food I was feeding her and one of the dry foods she was eating was upsetting her tummy and giving her gas. So, have you recently changed her food? That could be the cause of it. It could be too rich for her. Also, does she gobble her food? If so, you can try feeding her only a few morsels at a time until she's got some food in her tummy, wait about 10-15 mins, then give her the rest of her serving.

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