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Neko and the Mop N Glo

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I almost hesitate to tell the story because it starts with my cat having fleas (gross). But anyway, it happens to the best. She is an indoor cat but she got out a few weeks ago by accident and spent the night in the back yard. As an indoor cat, she was not wearing a flea collar (THAT'S changed already let me tell you! Indoor, outdoor, upside down, the little rodent is wearing one from now on). Anyway, I had a bottle of Hartz flea and tick shampoo. I didnt remember where I got it at first, I thought I gave away all my flea supplies last year when the cat had been an indoor cat for a whole year, but here it was, a bottle of flea shampoo. Must have missed it. So I shampooed the cat. The stuff smelled really bad, but hey, flea shampoo does. I had taken 5 loads of laundry to the laundromat and sprayed the house with zodiac stuff and it smelled pretty bad. I rinsed her well, fortunately as it turns out. Then later on I felt a flea on MY face ! So go figure, guess what I did? I freaked a bit, hopped in the shower at top speed and poured the flea shampoo on my own hair. Thats when I realized, no way is this shampoo, up close it smells like...... turpentine or something. So I washed my hair twice more with my regular shampoo and got out, trying to think WHERE on earth this bottle came from. Then it hit me. I got it out of a butter churn that used to be at my mothers house-I didnt think anything of it because in the churn there were rags and an old dog collar and leash, so I figured it must be my mother's pet supply storage spot. I called her. Nope. Mop N Glo! She put it in an empty flea shampoo bottle years ago as the bottle was a squeeze bottle and she found it easier to squirt and mop.

Boy I'm glad my mom never used Nair.

PS. Neko is fine, (and really really clean and shiny)-I shampooed her yet again last night, poor thing is absolutely traumatized. I had "moussed" her twice in the past week which did not get rid of the fleas, and the second time it made her sick, so I was afraid to do it again. And I know, I know, flea shampoo is NOT meant for humans, but I was very freaked out by a flea on my face and I have thick, thick curly hair, so I didn't care.
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wow what a story!!!!!!!
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Awww... At least you both shine!
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Yikes - what a story!! Glad to hear that Neko is fine now, but doesn't your vet sell Frontline2 for cats??? The flea dips can be so dangerous cuz the chemicals - I use a warm salt-water bath followed by a flea combing for critical cases. But Frontline seems to be safe enough for protection.
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Originally Posted by edithtippett View Post
(THAT'S changed already let me tell you! Indoor, outdoor, upside down, the little rodent is wearing one from now on)
Store bought flea collars a very dangerous for cats .... search the threads for flea collars and you will find a lot of negative info....and even death !!!
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How long ago did this happen? To be safe, I would contact the vet to make sure they don't want to check your cat out. I tried doing a search for mop and glo, and didn't find much info except that they are made by the same manufacturer as Lysol, which can be toxic to cats... I would be concerned about the cat grooming and ingesting any residue that may be left behind.

Also, over the counter flea products can be very dangerous to your cat.
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I've heard bad things about flea collars as well. Call your vet and they should be able to provide you with Frontline or Revolution which is what we got for Cosmo when he had fleas. It gets absorbed into their blood stream and kills off most of the fleas within 24 hours. You just apply it monthly. At lot safer and enjoyable for your cat
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Bless your heart lol, that story cracked me up . I'm glad the mop n' glow didn't hurt eithor of you. In the future i highly recommend using Feline Advantage or Frontline- that's what i use on all my indoor kitties and they've never had a flea....Hertz flea treatments and otc flea collars are NOT a good idea for kitties- they can make them really sick.
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wow that is crazy.
Good thing it wasnt something worse.
I guess it's not a good idea to put things in different bottles unless you mark them.
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