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Friend finds kitten in someones engine

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Yesterday a friend and her husband were driving and pulled up to a stop light. They started hearing a cat screaming comming from a car next to them. They figured a cat must be under the hood so they flagged down the car.
After opening the hood they found a small yound kitten by the engine. She said it fits into there hand. The lady of the car said she heard kittens in her garage that morning but that they are not her cats. Anyway the lady said she didnt want it so my friend took it home.
She said it has some hair burnt around her nect thinking from the exhast. She asked if we would take it. I called my husband and we are going to go look at it tonight. She says its white with gray tipped ears. i Wonder how many more ktitens are in her garage.
We have 3 cats already that are males they are all fixed and she thinks this one is a female. So not sure if that would be a prob although we would get it spayed asap.
I will let u know what i find when we go look at it she isnt sure how old it is or anything. The burnt fur scares me that there might be more injuries.
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My parents live in the country and have 2 outdoor cats that usually sleep in the garage. One winter night Jericho crawled up into my fathers car and burnt off all the hair on her left side. THANK GOD when i looked her over the next day after recieving a frantic call from my mother that she had been burned, only the fur had been cinged off, no burns, or any marks on the skin.
Considering your kitty was screaming under the car, I would definately look her over very well, and get her to a vet ASAP, regardless of injuries. I figure there would be noticable raw flesh or an oozing wound where the fur was burned if she was hurt badly enough. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it was just the fur like our Jericho! Best of luck with the new kitty and please keep us posted!!!
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What state in the US are you at?
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iowa. I have called my vet already. I am gonna go look at it at 4. If my husband and i decide to keep it i have a appointment for him tomorrow.
I know the friend that found it wont take it to the vet as it will also be a outside only cat. So if it needs to be seen i will take it just for that reason. I really dont need another animal at this time but i wont let a animal be without a good home either.
As i said earlier i dont know how old it is just that she said it fits in her palm and its white with blue eyes except for the grey tipped ears.
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Sending lots & lots of {{{prayers and vibes}}} to this poor baby! Is there any way that the kitten can be returned to her mother (even better, that the family can be rescued from the garage, the kittens tamed and adopted)?
I will be lookin forward to the updates on this poor baby. Bless you and your friend for caring!!! I shudder to think of her fate if your friend had not heard the kitten's desperate cries for help, or, worse yet, done nothing when she heard them.... You are both real cat-guardian angels
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I thought the same thing but the lady didnt give her name or anything. The friend that heard it and stopped the car said the lady was gonna leave it right there in the parking lot when they got it out. The kitten sure has a angel above it to not have been killed when the car started let alone to drive so far stuck inside. I am crossing fingers that hubby will let me take it at least untill i get it to the vet and find a good home for it.
I am not too worried about finding the owners since they are letting them be outside in someone elses garage. I am guessing mother prob is maybe a stray.
Now if i find that it is or could be simamese that could be a different story. Ill keep my eye out in the nespaper ect. I cant call animal control they wouldnt let me keep it they would come and get it. (shudders)
I will keep u posted on what happens.
I do have a question though. SInce my cats are all males will this be a issue if it turns out to be a famale ive only owned males.
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Went to see the kitten it looks to be a purebred siamese kitten about 6 weeks old. I didnt bring it home as much as i wanted too. He was covered in fleas badly. Also had earmites.
He was limping and had a few burns on his neck and by his hip. I told them i needed to think it over tonight. I was a little reluctant to bring him in with fleas and earmites I dont want other 3 cats to get them and with it being after 5 taking him to the vet wasnt a option. He was limping on his front leg it dont look broken and thats good.
I dont really have the money to spend that much on him at this time for shots flea meds ear mites nor for x-rays or what have you. Just bad time of year with needing to get 3 kids school stuff. I feel bad but told her id think it over tonight.
That kitten should not be outside in this kind of shape. He has perfect points so i dont think it is a crossed breed. I wish there was more i could do. Husband told me it was up to me to bring him home i just worry about the 3 other cats and the cost to get this one healthy.
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Well i didnt sleep much last night worring about the kitten my friend has it in her garage for now.
I think i am gonna call the vet this morning and just ask how much it would cost to just bring it in and all that. I dont know maybe shots could wait for now but with so many fleas im sure it prob has worms and what have you.
Also ive never owned a siamese and my husband says they can be mean. But everything i have read said they are social. How are they around other animals and kids?
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The idea that Siamese are "mean" is a big-time myth. The only part of that that might be construed as true is that Siamese tend to be very loyal to their chosen person, the person they have the strongest bond to. But even that isn't 100% true.

Also, although the kitten may look purebred Siamese, chances are much better that he is just a very pretty pointed kitten. So the Siamese myths don't necessarily apply to him.

Thank you for looking out for this precious little one.
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right i understand that im trying to find s pic of someone cat kitten that look like him. I hate the thinking of him in a garage maybe in pain gonna try the vet now.
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Well i called the vet it is going to cost me about $50 just for first set of shots and a check up. That does not include worming fea meds or anything else. Not sure what im gonna do.
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If you don't mind taking the time, you could bathe the kitten in a warm, weak-salt solution and then de-flea him with a fine tooth comb. It wont work as well as Frontline for kittens, but will help alot and isn't unsafe like the flea dips are. You will have to crush the fleas between your thumbnails or catch them & put them in a shallow bowl of alcohol nearby. Since you have 3 kids, there should be no lack of willing helpers with the fleas - for some reason, young kids LOVE to deflea cats!
I know that there are websites for emergency care for impoverished animals; I used to have one in my favorites but cant find it. If anyone else here remembers the posts where those websites can be found, please copy & paste the link here. I think that it would be wonderful if the TCS community can rally & come up with some solutions to help you out!
Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that answers come ASAP so that this poor little guy gets the veterinary attention that he needs! Susan
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tyvm I was told to call back tomorrow to talk to the dr about seeing about a payment plan if its gonna cost more then $50.
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April, we all understand the expense of unexpected little ones that come into our lives..........I hope that your vet is willing to work with you to make payments, because this little one sure sounds like she needs for mixing one female with 3 males, I have two of each and my girls act like princesses around my boys!! Good luck!
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