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Domestic Violence

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Morning all! Is there anyone on here who knows anything about domestic violence from a legal stand point, as in for the "perpetrator" not the victim? No worries, its not involving me, I'm just wondering about something in particular. If you are a fount of information on this topic can you please PM me? Thank you!
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I'm not a fount of information, but I do know perps do qualify for legal defense (my husband is a contract public defender). If you have a specific question, you could call the Ohio state bar association or go to their website and ask them.
Although most perpetrators would disagree with me (for some reason, they often consider themselves "victims" of the battered spouse, on so many levels) they do often get adequate legal defense. Sometimes the cop has to go the call & do what s/he can to make the situation safe, then the reports are submitted to the prosecutor and they make the decision to file charges. The defense attorney will be given copies of the police reports and other discovery; s/he will negotiate with the prosecutor - both sides are hoping to stop continuing domestic violence, and are considering what that will take. considering that alcohol & drugs are often involved, and that the best success at continuing sobriety seems to occur with at least a 6mos jail commitment followed by a long term rehab, the friends and family of the perpetrator should really try to become informed on what will help the perp succeed in life. Unfortunately, that often involves "tough-love" - the kind that says, "if ya done wrong, take your licks" but also remembers to stay involved with their person in a positive way - attend family meetings; if the person goes to jail, remember to visit, write, but no pity-party, no enabling. It's a complicated situation for sure!! And the last thing that the defense attorney wants is a recurrence by his client!
Good luck in finding out the info that you seek!
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