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another cat food question

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Ok i know this subject has been gone through before but here it goes anyway.
I have been feeding my 3 cats ranges from around 4 to 1 year in age. I have been feeding them iams kitten food in hopes of putting on some wieght of my 2 year old cat. He isnt underweight just long and slender but i am used to cats with a little bit of wieght.
I would like to switch them to something different now.
My problem is that we dont have any pet stores within 2 hours from here. We have walmart, shoppers, and vet clinics.
What is a good food that i could switch them over to? They are currently eating dry food and my husband does not want to try wet cause he thinks they will get dihareah (sp).
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If ordering online isn't an option, you can see if your vet carries or can get Royal Canin foods.
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I would go with Chicken Soup Cat food it's a very good cat food with no Bi- Products and you can order it online also.
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I would agree ask the vet about RC regular foods .... Walmart carries Natural Life which the wet foods are great and the dry is better IMO than Iams but not by alot...
You can avoid tummy trouble via a slow switchover of 7-14 days ...
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another option is maxximum nutrition, which isnt the best food out there but it is pretty decent and they sell it at walmart. its also very inexpensive. if you go the chicken soup pet food web site, they have a store locator so you can see if its sold anywhere near you, you may be surprised. personally i wouldnt buy any food online, the shipping is a killer.
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If you are looking for wet food look into Natural Life.
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Do you have a grain elevator near you?

I'm out in farm country, although I'm not too far from a major area our grain elevator is closer & they carry Wellness. I went there originally today to get Chicken Soup since the website said this location carried it- but they don't. He couldn't order it for me so I remembered reading that Wellness was decent and they had it there! I'm not an expert on diet & I'm new to it but from what I gathered it's ok. I paid $23 for a case of 24 cans.

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