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Well, I am glad that's semi-over. Squirt has to go back next week for his distemper shot, because he can't have both at once. Of course, that would be the cat who is my problem patient.

All in all, a good report. Squirt has actually lost a pound of his 14 pound tonage over the past year.

Joey tested negative for any kind of urinary problem, which means that he is simply a butthead and likes to pee outside the box. Time to hire a pet psychiatrist for him....or me, whichever comes cheaper. Maybe I should just fire up a joint so I just don't care that he's peeing outside the box.
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LOL Deb- just make him into a stoner too, then neither of you will care! Did the vet draw blood on him? That would be the best way to rule out something medical going on with him. Have them do a complete panel on him just to be safe.
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He took a urine specimen with some kind of needle. Didn't look too pleasant. But my little Joseph was a trooper.
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Glad the vet trip went well, Deb! But if you turn him into a stoner, you will have to buy alot more cat food!! :LOL:
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Just don't bogart Jonesy!
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LOL Debby! Hey I'm trying to get him to lose weight!
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