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Design TCS Merchandise - New Contest!  

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We just launched the official TCS merchandise shop at CafePress -

And I want to invite members to contribute designs! We have so many talented designers here, I know you can come up with some neat designs that will appeal to cat lovers . I plan on running these kind of design contests every now and then, till we get us a nice collection of cat items to choose from.

We'll start with large square designs that will go on various items, including the following: Ash Grey T-Shirt, Baseball Jersey, Fitted T-Shirt, Green T-Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt, Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt, Jr. Ringer T-Shirt, Kids T-Shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Men's Sleeveless Tee, Organic Cotton Tee, Ringer T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, White T-Shirt, Women's Pink T-Shirt, Women's T-Shirt, Women's Tank Top, Yellow T-Shirt, Value T-Shirt, BBQ Apron, Throw Pillow, Messenger Bag, Tote Bag, Infant Creeper, Infant/Toddler T-Shirt, Kids' Hoodie, Dog T-Shirt.

The specifications are -
- Clear Images in JPG or PNG format
- Resolution of 200 DPI
- Square designs of 10" by 10" for print size (in the above resolution)
- Designs must be based on your own images, or images that you have written permission to be used in the design. Please do not use copyrighted materials
- Designs must include the TCS logo in a clear and prominent way. Designers may download the logo in PSD format from

Submissions can be made by emailing designs to Please use the words "TCS Shop Designs" in the subject line. Make sure you provide your full name and username along with the submission!

Submissions can be made until the end of August 2006.

EDIT: Contest has been Extended - Submissions can be made until Septmeber 10th.

During the first week of September 2006, I will create thumbnails of the submissions and post them in a special poll here on the board. We will let users vote on the designs. Designs may be included in the shop even if they don't win the popular vote, but the three first places will also get prizes! They get their design on one of the following items -

First Place winnder gets to choose one item from anything that's available on the shop!

Second & Third Places each get a choice of one of the following: Men's Sleeveless Shirt, a Women's Shirt, Ash Grey Teeshirt, Tote Bag or BBQ Apron.

Please note, that any designs submitted, will become the property of TCS and may be uploaded and used on the shop. TCS reserves the right to decide which designs will be featured in the shop.
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BTW, if you're not a designer, you can still join the fun! Why not suggest some nifty slogans or ideas for designs? If your text or idea gets picked up for the first prize - you will get a bonus prize! A TCS Tote Bag with the design of your choice!
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Hey that sounds great

But any entries become the 'property' of tcs

Please note, that any designs submitted, will become the property of TCS and may be uploaded and used on the shop.

Please clarify
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Diana, I take that as they have full Copyright of the design and usage and no royalties will be paid to the designer after payment (the prize is payment!)
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Yes, pretty much what Sarah said. You can submit the same design elsewhere, and you won't be paid for the design, other than the prizes offered to the winners.
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Oh ok,does that mean the entries that are say 'bum'and don't they still become the'property' of TCS ?
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No, because they didn't get the 'payment' so all copyright remains that of the designer!
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Oh ok Just asking

Good luck everyone
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Quick question, Anne. Can we change the color of the logo to suit the design, or does it need to stay the yellow/orange color in the downloadable files?
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I prefer to stay with the logo colors.

I guess I should clarify about the copyright issues. My meaning was that submissions may be used on the shop, even if you don't win. The vote is just to determine who gets the prizes, but I am hoping to use more than the three winning designs on the shop. This isn't some draconian legal clause. If someone wishes to change anything or have me remove his design down the road, that would be perfectly ok with me. I just want to cover all bases in advance, in case I lose touch with that person down the road, in a few years time. I want to make sure that having those designs on the shop will never be considered a copyright violation at any point.

I am not out there to rob anyone of anything, just wanting to give members a way to share their designs with everyone. I wish I could offer something for each and every contributor, but I doubt that the shop will ever make back even what it's going to cost to award the first 3 places

Hope that everything is clear now. If not, do ask!

Thanks for the submitted designs Anakat and Heidi! Very encouraging to get such good designs so soon!
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I have a question. When you say 10 inches by 10 inches- What is that in Pixel size?
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at 200 dpi, it would be 2000x2000
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
at 200 dpi, it would be 2000x2000
That's the CafePress recommendation. Here's a link to more guidelines by them - - remember we're only going for the large sqaure designs this time around.
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Are we allowed to submit more than one?
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I hope so, because I'm going to submit more than one.
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Yes, sorry about the late reply. You are allowed to submit more than one, no problem, but if you win, you can only win one of the prizes. So, that if your designs come up as #1 & #2, you will get the #1 prize, and #3 & #4 will get the other two prizes. Hope that makes sense

Keep them coming folks, or just try and provide inspiration by posting here what you'd like to see in a design and suggesting some slogans!
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I will probably not get around to posting the contest before the 10th, so I am extending it in a week. If anyone still wants to try their hand at it... just email me with your designs until next Sunday!
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Bump.... Waiting for more submissions...
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Another bump!
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EDIT: Contest has been Extended - Submissions can be made until Septmeber 10th.
Thanks for extending the date Anne!
With losing Chuckie so suddenly my mind just hasn't been working right. I totally forgot about the contest and now I can still see if I can come up with anything!
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I was working on something else and completely forgot!

Back to working on it
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stormy, my condolences over losing Chuckie

Four more days to go till the final date - keep them coming! There's a real good chance at winning, as I believe we have a total of under 10 submissions. Even if you don't win, your design might still be available on the TCS shop!
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i didn't even see this until now. . . ..i'll try to get something done. . .i hope watchcaddy does something.
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Originally Posted by Anne View Post
stormy, my condolences over losing Chuckie

Thanks Anne

I sent my submission in!
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Mine is in
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And one last bump... Submissions can be made during the next 12 hours only, then I close down this thread and prepare the submissions for voting
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Contest is now closed for submissions, I'll be posting a poll with the designs later today!
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