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How soon after the first deworming will the worms actually go away? Are 2 dewormings normal or 3?

I have a kitten I found and I have a few doses of dewormer left. I dewormed her about a week ago. She had gone to a new home but was returned today when the little girl broke out so bad her face swelled up and her eyes swelled shut. Very bad allergic reaction. So anyways, just since she has been back about 2 hours, I found two little worms coming out of her behind. Pretty gross. So will it not be until the second deworming next week until the worms stop coming out of her behind? Maybe she needs a higher dose?
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What are you using to de-worm? If it's not from the vet and is an over-the-counter remedy that might be the problem. OTC medications often don't work very well.

If it is from a vet, call them and ask them for advice. If you bought the medication from them, they should be quite willing to answer your concerns.
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Or it might be that the dewormer you have isn't the correct dewormer for the type of worms.
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Yes it depends on what kind of worms and the medication given, as to the duration and effectiveness.

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Oh thanks guys. I forgot to say, she has tapeworms and the treatment is Strongid. The vet gives it for free when you come in, I just got a couple extra doses. I cannot call the vet as they have no phone. It is a very low cost vet and they don't employ someone to take calls.

I just cant remember if deworming should be every 2 or 3 weeks.
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Strongid is ineffective against tapeworms. Drontal is a much better choice.
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Ok I definately know they are tapeworms but I am not completely positive about the dewormer. It is thick pasty yellow liquid. I know Drontal is for tapeworms and Strongid is for round and hook worms right? Those are the only 2 dewormers the vet uses that I know of. So if she was dewormed with the wrong one then that's fine but she needs to be dewormed then for the tapeworms too. So which one (Strongid or Drontal) come in a thick pasty yellow liquid?
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Strongid is the yellow liquid, the Droncit and Drontal are pills. She would need either the Droncit or Drontal for the tapeworm treatment.
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That's what I thought, weird that the vet gave me the wrong one
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