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do you agree?

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I don't think the woman should be charged with starting one of the fires in our state. She was lost.... I would've done the same thing, especially if I were lost in a forest! How else was she supposed to get help?
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I don't think she should be criminally charged. What was she supposed to do, sit there and die?

Of course, any and all accidents in recent memory have to have some criminal charges attached. At the very least she should have the smallest charges, not the full ones.
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Susie, I think it is two different women. The firefighter started the Colorado fire - this is the one in Arizona.

And as far as what she should have done - carry a cell phone!
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Susan, you've confused two fires, in two different states. The Forest Service employee started the Colorado fire. I know that its hard to keep track - it seems that the entire West has been on fire, lately.

The lost hiker, in the White Mountains claims that she was looking for a place, where her cell phone would work. They WERE in a restricted area, though. Why anyone would go hiking, with the fire danger so high, is beyond me.

Precedent has been set, for prosecuting lost hikers, who start fires. Several years ago, they nailed one, here in Tucson, for burning several thousand acres, in the Catalinas.

Some of these hikers are just plumb stupid, though. This week, they found two dead, near Picacho Peak. They didn't carry enough water with them. I guess they figured that only happens to illegal aliens.

If you don't know anything, about the desert or forest - stay out of it!
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There are lots of people who do get stranded, even if they do know the desert/forest......
I just don't think they should charge her..... how else was she supposed to get help? Wander around & get even further lost?
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WHY did they go out there, in the first place, without enough gas to get back? WHY did she leave the vehicle? You stand a better chance of being found and rescued, if you stay with your vehicle. The companon was found, the first day.

This is another case of felony stupid.
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