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My cat doesn't seem to like me

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My cat Chloe has taken a liking in my mom. My mom on the other hand doesn't like Chloe rubbing against her, sleeping with her, etc. She also hardly pets the cat. Yet I pet Chloe, and even put her in my room and bed but she doesn't stay there. Sometimes I'll just sit near her and she'll walk away. She doesn't do this to my mom. I just want her to love me back the way I love her. Is there anything I can do?
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Start paying more attention to the cat.

Play with her with dangle type toys. My cats love it when I use a drinking straw or the pole from their dangle toy to hide under a piece of newspaper and poke it out from the edge and then hide it under the paper again. They get all excited trying to catch it. lol

Also spend time brushing/combing your cat. Don't force the issue. Start by holding the brush/comb and touching the side of her face when she comes near. If she's open to that, try the other cheek a few times. Gradually try the top of her head, or the side of her neck or back. Don't hold her. Let her get used to it and find that it's something nice.

Unfortunately cats are like people in some ways and have a preference for certain people. For some reason your cat just seems to like your mom for some reason.
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Cats often like people who don't like cats. Why? Well, if you are constantly petting and asking for the cat's attention, they will overdose and walk away.
If, however, you (like your mom) are indifferent to the cat, it will come asking for attention! Some people are like that too.

Get some nice interactive toys but let the cat initiate the play session. My girl Gizmo loves nothing better than a bit of old mink coat on a leather shoestring, 'chased' down the hall. But she and I need a quiet time occasionally and we aren't always in each other's faces.

I even get out of the apartment and read in the lobby occasionally just to have a little cat-free space. Gizmo sleeps under the bed for the same reason.

So just give your cat a little space and let it come to you. It will.
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