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cat is gettin some fat rolls

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hi, i got a 7 month old kitten. she looks normal but when i took her to the vet to spay her, they shaved her belly and i saw that she is gettin big fat rolls on her tummy. she looks skinny and normal everywhere else except those rolls on her tummy, what would have caused this and how do i get rid of those?
should i put her on a diet? should i change her food?
right now im using 9 lives canned food, my other cat is her brother, he eats both dry food and wet food and heis pretty beefy and muscular while she looks very gently and skinny except her tummy, oh and she does not eat dry food.
thanx in advance
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I can't be sure since I cannot see your kitty, but it sounds like "spay sway" to me. Bijou has a large one and he is a male. Some kitties get them, some don't. I don't think it's anything to worry about but it wouldn't hurt to have the vet confirm if it is spay sway or something entirely different.
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whats a spay sway?
btw i saw them before she got spayed as well.
her father didnt have them, the mother is a very petite siamese pet
and these are the kittens that i got, the female is the one next to the wall
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I think I know what 'Spay Sway' is because I've seen cats with tummy's like that before- but since I'm not an expert on the subject I won't try and explain it, knowing me I'd be wrong anyway!

What I really wanted to say is that I think your kitties are adorable!! I love this pic of them!!
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thank you for the comment
so what is that thing?
and how i can help her to get rid of it?
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If it is spay sway you won't get rid of it.
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Spay sway is just where the belly hangs down in a sort of loose empty skin type appearance (hard to explain). It kind of sways when they walk hence the name. Its usually only seen after a spay though (as they have organs removed, and the cut down the center of the belly seems to heal this way).

Not sure this is what you are describing though?

The spay procedure can really make the belly swell up and appear foldy... But you said you saw it before the spay? You might want to consult your vet about diet if it is a weight problem. Do you free-feed your cat? If so then going to a meal schedule woudl be ideal.
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yeah its def not a spay sway. they are real fat rolls, i dont free feed the cat, i mean dry food is always there but she does not eat it. she only eats wet food and i give her half a can in the morning and then half a can in the evening.
may b its the food or may b its her metabolism and i just have to give her less food or a different kind of food?
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