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All input appreciated

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I was hoping someone could give me some ideas.We have a sick Kitty 8 y/o.Normally a vigorous eater but thursday night vomitted right after his meal.He vomitted up his breakfast the next morning(although he barely ate)so off to the vet....After bloodwork,X-ray,office exam,they couldnt tell what the deal was.We were sent home with hairball lubricant and pepcid.So here we are sunday and he still hasnt kept anything in!Aside from that though he is behaving normally(drinking,sleeping,litterbox,etc.)maybe a little lethargic is all.Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Did the Xray not show anything at all?? Maybe they should have done a fecal to see if there was any bacteria. Did they give fluids?
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The X-ray wasnt conclusive,they wanted to do ultrasound but the tech wasnt available!GRRRR!!
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I would call them in the morning - the lack of eating, even for just a couple of days can lead to problems seperate from what is causing the vomitting and lack of eating. If you go to the section of this site with articles on health, look for the article on Hepatic Lipidosis and read it tonight...this is my concern.
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how is your kitty doing?
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I tried changing my kitty's food a couple of months ago. It gave her gas and she started throwing up and then quit eating. Off to the vet she went where she stayed overnight and x-rays showed a bit of gas in her tummy. She got some pepcid and was sent home. She didn't really start eating normally for about 2 days, just sorta picked at her food. Is it possible your kitty's gotten into something and has an upset tummy? Have you recently changed his food?

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I would definatly try and get the ultrasound ASAP! I am a vet tech and can tell you from experience that it still could be a foreign body and not show up on x-rays. Is it possible that your cat may have eaten something abnormal?? Things like string and tissue and even a huge hairball are not radio-dense so they will not show up on an x-ray but can be seen thru ultrasound. It is also a good way to make sure the kidneys, liver and heart all look good as well. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for your kitty to get better quickly.
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