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I have a huge problem! I've got ringworm in the ranks, & it's spreading-FAST! Damita's probably had ringworm for a couple of weeks(shedding, hairballs make me think so), but it never occured to me that she might have it. So, she & Chico have been in contact with Twitch, Lily, & Ophelia. I blacklighted Damita & she glowed Friday night. I started her on Fulvicin(foster cat-took the shelter awhile to get me Fulvicin) & Conofite cream today. I bought Fulvicin for my three as well & started them today. I had blacklighted Ophelia last night, but saw nothing. Today, I noticed what could be ringworm spots on her ears. I blacklighted them & they glowed a little. So....Damita, Chico & Ophelia all have ringworm.

I've got Twitch & Lily living upstairs on carpet & linoleum, & they've been in the laundry room. Should I re-wash all clean laundry in the laundry room? How do I keep them from re-infecting themselves if they do have ringworm? Do I need to vacuum the carpet daily? weekly? I've vacuumed everything I can upstairs & bleach sprayed everything else. I threw stuff away, etc. How do I clean their sisal scratching posts?

Damita & Chico are in the bathroom downstairs...on linoleum. I plan on bleaching the floor & cupboards daily. Bedding is washed daily. How often should I change litter & bleach the litterboxes?

Ophelia's my big problem. I cannot get the hair & other stuff to vacuum off my carpet...I've tried 3 vacuums. Since my room is in the basement & cold....I got expensive thick carpet...which just happens to hold cat hair forever...no matter what! How can I get the cat hair out? I really want to just put linoleum in, but that's gonna be expensive. What about my bed? and my bedding? How often should I be washing my sheets, blankets, etc(Ophelia sleeps on them with me every night)?

I will be able to buy plastic pet porters on Tuesday. I would use the dog crates, but I need those for the dogs at night. Damita will hurt herself on wire crates as she cannot see the bars, so plastic proters are my only option for her.

What do I do? I've got the whole basement to clean as well, but I can put that off for now as no cats are living there. What if I get ringworm? How is it spread? If I continue to volunteer at the shelter, could I pass it on there? I know I brought it home from the shelter cats...that's the only place it could've come from.
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Oh no.....
I just did a search using the search tool in the Health Forum.
Quite a few posts about the Ring Worm fungus came up....
I would try that & a google search too.
I found this info using google...
Good luck.
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