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Orphans Coco and Voodoo update and litter box worries (sort of long and confused)

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The girls now have almost half a kilo!! I'm not rushing them into weaning, but they are already peeing and pooping without being stimulated. We're trying with a litter box, but I think it just isn't working. I've done every single thing described here - putting them on the litter after a meal, making scratch movements with their paws, try stimulating them on the litter and leaving the peed cloth in... But they had accidents elsewhere, so I put litter boxes on the places they peed (they live in a litterbox world ).

Well today I've made a little mistake by moving the litter box *from* the place it was before, to the place they peed, followed by the usual routine of digging. Obviously, Coco liked the previous place better and decided to go pee there - I saw her preparing for it and I quikly moved her to other litter box and she finished her stuff there, while I was rubbing her and telling her that she's a good girl. I ran out to get ANOTHER lol litter box to put it on a place where it was originally and when I came back, Voodoo was sniffing Coco's butt on the original place of the litter box - there was a huge pile of poo! poor little Coco, all confused. Now I put the poo in the litter box I now placed on the original spot. I sure do hope they'll get it. Do you think that Coco is now even more confused? Will she use the new litter box?

Thank you for your answers!
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They'e very young aren't they? I'm sure they'll get the idea of the using the litter box quickly. Kittens are usually quite quick about such things. Good luck.
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I'm afraid all the advice I can offer you for this is: PATIENCE. You'll need plenty of it (depending on how stubborn your little ones are). My current foster litter (5 girls) would watch carefully their momma go, and then would promptly go everywhere else (including next to the litter box, behind the door, in the middle of the bathroom, in the shower etc), pretty much everywhere but in the box. It just takes perserverance, you are doing everything right.
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thank you both for your answers! they now both went into the box and just after I thought they got the skill, I found a puddle where they slept. Is it possible, that they just can't hold it in long enough to come to the box, as cats don't usually pee in their sleeping place?

This may sound stupid, but I was wondering if there's a possibility that their eyes aren't developed anough to see in the dark? So that maybe they can't see the way to the box?

Thank you for everything!
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At that age their eyes are probably not the best. I would try putting in a night light to help them out.
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I agree with adding a nightlight, and I like the idea of covering the floor with litter boxes. I had one litter who were peeing outside the litter box on a piece of cardboard, and pooing in a corner. I just kept adding litter boxes...I got low aluminum pans from the dollar store, and put them where ever they had accidents! In time, they will learn!
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thank you! We tried putting litter boxes to the places of accidents and yesterday, after the both went into the first, original litter box, we moved others away, thinking that if they weren't used at all, there's no need for them. Wrong! After previously mentioned puddle in their sleeping corner (where we put a litter box afterwards), there was aonther one big right next to it. We changed the sheets (we keep them in a huuuuuge box) and during the night, there was no problems, but I couldn't see any usage of the litterbox too. This morning, after we fed them, my mom stayed with them and just went out for a minute to get something, but when she came back, she found Voodoo lying on the floor and peeing with a strong stream. Now my guess is, that they were probably playing and Coco stepped on her girly parts, Voodoo felt the urge to pee and couldn't hold it. Could I be right?

Thank you so much for your help!
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Like babies, they have to pottie just after eating. Tomorrow put them in the litterbox after they eat. And you can add litterboxes, but don't take them away from tiny babies...they can't hold it very long!
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Everything is fine now! They both use the litterbox without any problems and they have already grown their back teeth! I'm so excited. Only good 5 weeks left till the FeLV and fAIDS test, when they get to meet Ajci!
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