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Kitty sore throat health question

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I think our 3 year old male has a sore throat. His meow (he talks a LOT) is very raspy, he is licking/swallowing a lot, he is eating and drinking fine, sleeping a little more than normal, but playing with the new kitten ok. Our 10 year old female did the same thing about two months ago, we noticed the licking, swallowing thing (she doesn't ever meow) and she was fine in about two days.

Has anyone else had this? We were worried that it was something from the new kitten, but shes from a rescue group and clear on all her tests etc.

We are watching him closley to see if he needs to go to the vet but figured, what a perfect place to ask this question.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Went home for lunch to check on him, he "seemed" ok, I gave him a little wet food, and I wet it down a little to give him some extra liquid. While he was eating I could see him swallow carefully just like I do when I have a sore throat He tried to eat a bigger peice and spit it back out, so I cut up the rest of the food in tiny peices for him.

I also called the vet but they were at lunch

well just venting and seeing if anyone else has had a problem like this.


PS: I dont' think he has anything stuck in his throat, he is not pawing at his mouth or trying to throw up etc.
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Has he been wormed recently? A roundworm infestation can give out these types of symptoms besides just a sore throat. He also could of been bitten by a spider or a bug, he could have something obstructing his throat. You might try taking a very small piece of white bread (no crust) and soaking it in a little bit of milk until it is nice and mushy. Feed it to him, if there is something caught in his throat, this type of food will help push the obstacle down his throat and into his stomach. But the vet call was the best thing you could of done for him. Good luck.
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Vet appt 2:30 tomorrow

Um don't know about the worms, he is inside cat (all of ours are)


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My cats are indoor cats they got worms. I guess they bit a mouse. That is what the vet said. I have not seen any mice but I guess we could have one. We live in the country.
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Thanks for all your help, Pete visited the Vet yesterday who gave him a shot and at home antibiotics to get squirted in his mouth (hope he likes the flavor) LOL He thinks he got a cold from our new kitten.

Thanks again
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My 13yo cat started this 2 wks ago.I thought she had a hairball in her throat. She had a raspy meow and trouble swallowing. SHe coughed like she had a hairball but no other symptoms. She had an upper respiratory infection. SHe is now on her second round of anitibiotics and is still hacking. Don't mess around with it. BTDT.

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Does he have any scabs or anything on his neck? Fluffy went to the vet a year ago because her voice was very raspy. The vet shaved the fur off of her throad after I found scabs, and sure enough there was a big, deep cut that had scarred over. He thought that she might have been scrached near her voice box (or whatever it is called) and it got inflamed, causing her raspiness (sp?).
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She was checked over twice by the vet. HE says she has a really bad cold. She has improved a little today.
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