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Black and white photos

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I love black and white photos, and found a thread for black and white kitties, but couldn't find a thread for favourite black and white photos of kitties

So here's the girls to start things off...

Lily girl

and Stumpy cat

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I just have 2 black & whites of Harley

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Here is Abby's contribution

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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I love this photo
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Here is Reilly in b&w

and of course the milk thief picture
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This is the only one I can find.. it's Lucy.

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Those are gorgeous photos. I love black and white pics! y favorite s the 4th one dow. It's just a great shot at the perfect moment!
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Wow, Reilly is gorgeous in b&w! His eyes are amazing!

Abby's poses are also lovely, she's such a sweetie

And of course Davidsin is always cute
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Wow, those pics are *amazing*!
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Here are some of Stewie's B/W pics.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4
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Black and white photography is my favourite! These are older B&W pictures so some may remember me posting them before:

Nakita playing with her mouse:
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Great pictures Kass
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[quote=Russian Blue;1301433]

Nice B/W high key. Good pic.
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Thanks guys!
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The only thing I love more than black and white is black and white with some colour still in it

I can't wait to get an SLR and get photoshop so I can do more with my photos. Hubby insists I wait until we have kids though
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here's stoli

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Reniova... I love the second one. It makes me think of my Bit.
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thanks looking glass. that one just happened by accident.
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Such a darling Stoli nose-shot!!!!

And Reilly...what would I do without your gorgeous mug-shots???

And that look on Stumpy's face in the signature gets me every time!!!
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Wow. There is just something about these black and whites, hmmm? I see some talent by the photographers too.

The tabbys really come out well in black and white. I am going to see if my digital will allow me to take a b&w--I'm okay with the old 35mms but digital is not my bag and I only have the little canon power shot now. I have a tabby kitten and a white creature-kit who looks siamese. And Pixel, almost forgot her...shhhh don't tell....

That was enjoyable, all.
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I don't have any black and white photos of my beautiful boys. I love everyone's pictures!
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