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sick kitty

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Hi all , my hubby has been posting about our maine coon kitten Izzy! And problems with the breeder. My question is hes still ill! im noticing he is also very weak in the back legs and is passing blood! We have had him seen by 6 vets, x rays , blood work and urine , nothing is showing up? Meantime we are attached to him and the breeder insists she sold us a healthy kitten! We have spent 700.00 to buy him, another 1400.00 in vet bills and breeder is not saying much here? WE asked her to take him back she says she will give us another kitten no charge but we must put Izzy down at our cost! hes to see our vet again tomorrw.Any advise will be much appericated ! Heartbroken here ! Sandra
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Sorry to hear about your kitty. Its frustrating when the vet can't find anything that's causing the problem.

The only advice I have is that whatever you decide, GET ANY AGREEMENT WITH THE BREEDER IN WRITING! We learned the hard way in "replacement" kittens from a breeder. Lost a little calico rex in a few weeks after getting her - breeder verbally told us she'd replace the kitten. We agreed and then when she had a replacement, she wanted to charge us additional money.

We wound up not getting another kitten from her and were very upset that she didn't keep her word. But verbal means nothing - get it in writing!
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WE do have a kitten purchase agreement, where the breeder guaranteed a healthy kitten, she says she will replace a kitten in 1 year. but we have now been told today they think he has a liver shunt! The tests will be done tomorrow and we will go from there.They said is may be treatable but costly and no guaranteeds to what out come.Breeder still insists she sold us a healthy kitten and want to see the test results until she will consider any replacement etc, they have handeled the whole thing very poorly for being in the business for 18 years! we are not inpressed at all! hopefully they will prove us wrong, by thier behavior. They have amazing beautiful cats this is why we chose them, And a good reputation But so far we have spent 700.00 on Izzy another 1400.00 in vet bills and not much from the breeder! We will finally have our answers Wed. I hope and pray for Izzy!
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Sandra, How is Izzy doing? How was his vet visit. I hope all went well.
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I am so sorry for your situation with Izzy. I hope everything works out well for all concerned.
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They called this morning with the results! Izzy does have a liver shunt !We have picked up the food required for his diet and also the medications needed! His blood levels were off the charts! the vet is also contacting the University of Guelph , As she said they would want to see him! So please pray for my little man, and hope we can get the help he needs to save him! we did hear back from the breeder and she has offered to refund us the cost of Izzy when she sells her next kitten or a replacement. We will continue to pray and hope he responds to the meds and food! thanks for all your replies! Sandra and Izzy too!
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I hope and pray Izzy gets through this with the least amount of discomfort. How is his temperment? Is he palyful with your other little kitty? Does he seem much different with as sick as he is? I was just curious as to how the shunt affects him and if he is in any discomfort. I saw his picture and he is beautiful!
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Izzy is a true mystery! he will play and get into trouble, even try to tackale on my older female Zoe who will be 11? He sleeps quite a bit but is more playfull in the evening. Ella his sister is bigger and stronger, but Izzy pays no mind and will jump her when he has a chance! He also has decided to use the water bowl as his own personal toilet.Pees in it all the time. He really does have such a amazing personalitily! Is a very funny kitten. told my hubby another little man has stolen my heart thanks again for asking! hugs Sandra & Izzy and family!
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Awww, he sounds like the sweetest little one. I'm glad he isn't letting his illness get the best of him.
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