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question about my new kitten

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my new 9 week old kitten is affectionate and playful, she lets us do pretty much anything to her, even rub her tummy and play with her paws. she falls asleep on our chest or in our arms. is this a good indication of how she will be when shes grown up or do they change? thanks )

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Certainly they may change (just like people), but the odds are much, much better that she'll stay the same than change... and that's all you can hope for.
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Try getting your kitten spayed as young as possible. There are vets who will do them very young and they all seem to do pretty darn well. My foster kittens are all spayed and neutered before they are even close to two pounds. They are tired the next day but run around and play and chase and are quite happy--you wouldn't even know they had just had surgery.

Spaying will prevent more than one risk of disease your female cat could get if not spayed. It will keep her from going through hell every month when she is in heat and keep her from getting pregnant and contributing to the overpopulation of cats. All this is only good. I've never known it to be a bad thing.

All the little females in my kitten room are now playing and cuddling with me when I go in. I can touch them anywhere, even on their stitches and they only seem to love it.

Also, touching their paws is such a good thing. Do it a lot. This will enable you to touch them when they are adults and when they need their claws trimmed or whatever.
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ok im gonna try this again, i had my post all written out and was about to send it when she walked on my keyboard and turned off my computer!

anyway, she is already spayed ) they took care of that the day before i even saw her. the whole litter was spayed. for some reason they were overrun with about a dozen kitten litters. ive never seen it like that before. they had moved most of them to the back rooms for surgery on the day we went to adopt so we only had one litter to choose from at the time.

ive been making sure i play with her paws, extend her claws, and rub her tummy at least once every day. sometimes she actually turns over to expose her tummy to be rubbed!! maybe its not so unusual but ive never seen a cat do that hehe.

shes a really sweet kitten i havnt decided for sure on a name yet, but im thinking about Kya. ill probably make a poll hehe.
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well she has turned into a playful kitten and often is too busy playing to just lay around in our arms but when shes tired out from playing she still does that a lot although she also likes to snooze at the top of her cat tree. she is still very much a cuddle bug and it seems like she always will be. thankfully i have two young daughters that carry her around nonstop when she ll let them so thats probably keeping her aclimated to being held and cuddled on
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