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Tried to save a kitty...

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Last night my mom,MIL,sister and aunt all went gambling(keep in mind it is about a hour and a half away) as we were leaving, I notice a little kitty in the ditch. We turned around going to try and save him....we see a dead cat not far from where this kitten was, Im sure it was the kittys mama. Anyhoo-my sister and I get out and try and rescue the little guy, and well turns out hes pretty wild! I had him picked up and he didnt like that, so he attacked my hand.....and took off. I felt so bad though! All alone and scared.....I hope he survives. I just wish he would of known we were trying to help him.
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You did all you could. Poor baby, I hope he is alright as well!
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Aww poor little mite,He must be so scared without his mum
There might even be more kittens.

Is there anyone you can call,to ask if they can catch him? Some rescue group or something.He will probably still be hanging around his mothers body.
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Can you go back with a trap?

He probably won't survive on his own.
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I applaud you for trying to catch him and help him out. By the way- how is your hand? I would definitely keep it clean and put ointment on it so it won't get infected. I would try to see if some of the local shelters can loan you a few traps to try and catch the kitty. If you do set up traps though- use really smelly food such as tuna in them, and they should be checked frequently so kitty won't be out in heat or bad weather. Good luck!
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At least you tried! I agree though, you should see if there's some way you could catch him.
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You tried to help. Hope the little kitty is okay...
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Sending {{{rescue prayers and vibes}}} for the poor orphan kitten and {{{healing prayers and vibes}}} for your poor hand! Bless you for taking the time (and inherent risks) to try to help the poor baby!! Any updates??
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that is soo sad. I took in a little kitten for a little while that was wild its mamma and sibling died. It was really sad. I ended up having to take it to the animal shelter cause I can't really offord another cat and I couldnt find anyone to take it. I think it was sick and I was afaraid it would make my cats sick too.
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My hand is ok I have no idea how to catch the poor thing-I am not anywhere near it. It is about over an hour away~I cant go back up there.....I am just hoping for the best, and at least I tried.
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