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Am posting just a short note here on behalf of my mom and dad's cat, Topsey. We gave her to them in 1994, and bred our male, Rusty, with her several times, as a matter of fact, she is the mom of my Blue point Heifer-cat. Sometime yesterday morning, she had what the vet suspected was a stroke, and passed away at the vets last night......rest in peace, my wild-eyed kitty friend!
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Cindy i'm so sorry for your mum and dads loss

Play happily over at Rainbow Bridge Topsey, and know you were loved so much

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So sorry for your Mom and Dad's loss of their precious Topsey! Rest in peace, little one!
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RIP Topsey over the rainbow bridge !!!!!
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Aww, I'm so sorry. RIP Topsey.
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I'm so sorry, rest in peace Topsey. My heart goes out to your family.
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I am so sorry for your family's loss.

Rest in Peace Topsey.
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Condolences to you & your parents on the sudden loss of Topsey. Sounds like Heaven needed a very special cat, and she was called home. May she enjoy her rewards over Rainbow Bridge, and someday you will all be reunited again, this time forever.
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Rest in peace, Topsy! I am very sorry for the loss of this lovely lady. Condolences to you and your parents.
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