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Kitten in Car

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Hello All,

I've just come across a kitten in a car parked in our street and tried to get
it out by putting some food near the back tire where I'd spotted it but it just got afraid and when up the tire into the car...

Others had gathered to try to help but we decided to just leave for a while, walk away and let it calm down so perhaps it might come out by itself.

I called the vet and they said that that was all we could do for now but said it would probably come out on its own. I'm going to leave a note on the car to warn the driver but I don't even know if they would care at all...

I've come across this a few times before and after a while trying to help all these helpless ferals just gets to you, y'know. I feel so helpless and frustrated.

Anyway, I guess all I'm asking for from you good people are some prayers/positive vibes or just to keep the little kitty in your thoughts. Over the years I've come to realize how much these things can affect a bad situation.
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Hi Again,

Everyone collaborated and got the kitty out! It ran away but I'm hoping to find it tomorrow when it's morning.
I looked around with a flashlight but no sign.
Anyway so at least it won't be stuck in that car
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Aww well done I'm so glad its out of the car.

I hope you get to catch the poor little mite sometime soon.Is there anybody who could loan you a humane trap?To help you catch it quicker?
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Sadly no there isn't. I will however keep trying and in the meantime stay hopeful.
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Have you called around to the vets and various organizations in your area already?

I don't know if you've already checked these resources (for borrowing or renting a trap - or finding someone to trap), but just in case:

http://www.pets911.com/organizations/organizations.php You just type in your zip.....

Don't know if you've already contacted the No More Homeless Pets network, but here's the link: http://www.bestfriends.org/nomorehom...ts/thenetwork/

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This was quite a few days ago now and I haven't seen the kitten since it ran away. I'm hoping it found mama.

I'm actually from Turkey so I can't really contact the organizations you've mentioned but thank you for the info anyway, good to keep in mind nevertheless.

I did contact some local vets but they didn't have an emergency service for night time where they could come to the scene only an emergency service over there at the vet. I advised them to include such a service...

I don't know if it not being around is a good sign or bad but as I said I'm hoping it's found the mother.
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