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Anyone else here play Neopets? It's so addicting... Perfect solution for a boring vacation.

If you're curious here's the site. Neopets
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Is this a little like an on-line tamigochi?
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Ah, it might be... I don't know what tamigochi is.
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I used to play but not anymore. It was so fun!
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I've never heard of this before. Are Neopets anything like the virtual catz and dogz that you got in different versions of Petz?
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My 13-year old daughter is into Neopets. She says it's a virtual pet site. You earn neopoints to buy things for your pets. IShe says it's something like tamigochi, but there are alot more things to do with your pets, your pets don't die, and you get to interact with people. I do know there are "guilds", kind of like forums. She moderates one. (like mother, like daughter )
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Yeah what Deb said... I have a little tiger cub as my pet. I fed him too much and now he's bloated.

Ah, the joys of simple entertainment.
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