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One person cats?

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My cats have taken a liking to me over my husband, leaving my him feeling left out and jealous. For example, they always bother me when I'm on the computer and just leave him alone. They wake me up at night to get attention and when he sees that they're bugging me, he'll pull them to his side of the bed to pet them. They'll stay for about 30 seconds before they're leaving him to go back to me. I am not always the one who feeds them, it's about even between the two of us. I do clean out the litter box a majority of the time. He's not mean or anything to the cats that would would make them dislike him.

What can we do to make the cats like him more?
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Some cats are just like that. Most of mine trade back and forth between us.
Fluffy likes me, but she is his kitty, and lets me know it. He rescued her from a parking lot next to a busy highway on Christmas Eve, so I am not surprised she loves him so much. She is very naughty, and always runs to him when I scold her.
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Lots of cats are like that. My Glory only ever really liked me. She would go to my Mom if I was away for a period of time. But I was deffinately her person. My cat Tinsel went for my Mom. Noodles prefers me over DH. It's nothing to be taken offensively. DH just tries to get out Noodles favorite toys and play with her and that seems to help.
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Have him start feeding them, and cleaning out their litter boxes (No this is NOT a ploy to get your DH to do house work). Also have him start giving them treats on a regular basis. I've found the more you do for a cat the more they start to like you. You should find that they will come around, but it may be a slow process.
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my older female is like that, she seems to only really tolerate me and she even gets annoyed with me sometimes, she hates strangers and growls whenever someone knocks on the door.
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I like the treat idea. Sometimes, though, it just takes time. When we first brought Georgia home, she immediately bonded to me and was totally indifferent towards my partner-- which made him very unhappy. Now it's a year later, and she's finally treating us pretty much equally. The first time he woke up to find Georgia at his side, it felt like a real victory!

Here's a question-- are you home more often than your husband? My partner and I are both students, but he studies at the library, while I work at home. I think that may have had something to do with Georgia's behavior. And now that it's the summer and he's home more often, she's responded by rewarding his increased presence with increased affection.
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My Abby is used to only having me around as I live alone and tend to not have large numbers of people over.

When I was in the hospital a couple of years ago the poor thing was starved for affection. I had my caretaker and my brother and his wife checking on my cats. Chynna being the social butterfly that she is was all over everyone. Abby on the other hand hid. Towards the end of the 2 weeks Abby would lay across the room along a wall watching them, but would run and hide if anyone tried to get close to her.

She was so happy to see me when I got home that she was pasted herself to me. Since then she doesn't need to be on me or next to me constantly, but I have to be in her line of sight, even if she's napping, I periodically see her open her eyes and look around to find me, then goes back to napping.

If I'm around she will hide when someone comes over, but after a few minutes she comes out and cautiously walks around.

Chynna is best friends with anyone who will hold, cuddle and brush her. Abby on the other hand I think will always be a "Momma's" girl, even if there was someone else living here.
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My Pixie is the anti-social type. I don't have many visitors, but when I do, she stays away, and won't come near anyone, but Elliott is different...he'll just come by, get petted, chew on some people's's quite funny actually. Pixie might let herself get picked up if she sees someone often enough, but she's known to take swipes out of the blue, so I usually warm people
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Its a cat thing, I swear it has to be.

Mystical is my fathers cat, and only comes to me when I have food, or to get away from my brothers gf.

Stormy only comes to me and only wants my attention. When my bf and I started dating, she didn't take to him at all, he would try to pet her. She would turn her head and tail upwards and walk away from him. Last year she finally came around to liking him. But I am still #1 to her. She will only let me and my bf pet her, but NO ONE else. She's very anti-social.

Cuddles. I adopted her, but she is a daddy's girl, she only goes to my bf. My bf is the only one she will let hold her for a long time. If he isn't around to pet her, than and only than will she let me give her any attention.

Sushi, is my baby, but LOVE attention. She's pratically attached to my hip, if I leave a room she has to come find out where I am. She wants me to be holding her. But if my bf is around and she hasn't seen him for a while, she will be like, "Okay Mommy, Daddy is here and I need to let him know he's loved too." So, she'll run over to him and be loved.

But cats are very picky about who they pick for their servent. And it seems that they chose you. Feel happy. Yeah I got really jelouse about the whole Cuddles not giving me the time of day, but I understand, she just likes him more than me.
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I agree - cats choose their people. All our previous cats were "my" cats and hubby's nose was a bit out-of-joint. Bijou, thank goodness, has his special times with each of us and spreads his love around.

How about getting another kitty to join your household but let hubby pick it out (or should I say let the kitty pick hubby) ? Then your kitty would have company and hubby would have his own kitty.

We never had more than one cat at a time but due to our daughter moving back home with Mika we probably will never have a single cat again. They are wonderful together and still affectionate and loving with us.
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Zakk loves my husband more even though I do most of the care taking. I think its because he was home a lot when zakk was first with us, and he is generally calmer then me.. He lays down and stays there, doesn't move as much. He also is gentler with the cats. Zakk will come to me at night if hubby isn't in bed yet.

Rocky seems to prefer me just a bit, but that also mean I get showered with kisses at night and he follows me around whining for pets..
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My cats seem to gravitate to those who understand and respond promptly to their various signals. Joey is my "jefe", but is actually preferring my grandson's attentions to mine, esp. as my grandson gets older and better at communication with cats!
Perhaps your husband can take on the grooming as this mimicks the care they got from their mamakitty. Also, he could check out articles on communications with cats - it may be politically incorrect to write this, but IMO, women tend to read and respond to body language and subtle hints better than men do, so naturally the cats often gravitate to the ladies. just MO, as I know many wonderful cat-owning men, who do well with cats (and that's why I like hanging out with cat-guys cuz they seem to understand me better as well )
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Sometimes, kitties will just have a preference such as this. I wonder if you would want to consider your husband beginning to serve all their meals, as well as a special "treat time" once or twice a day when he gives them each individualized attention, talking softly to them, as he gives each one a favorite treat by hand. This will ensure a very positive association with him, and will definitely score your husband lots of points in the quest to keep him on their good side!
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I used to have a blue Burmese neutered male he was a one person cat.He was my cat and God help anyone else who annoyed him! My other half's parents came to visit us once and he'd never seen them before. So, he jumped on Mike's father's head and scratched him. Sadly his father was bald. He wasn't very impressed with the reception he received from the cat!
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