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How to make sure its not too rough?

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Marlee and Milo are getting along pretty well, they love to follow eachother around, play on the cat tree, etc. The past day or two they've started with the wrestling, which I know is normal and usually playful. But sometimes it looks pretty rough! How can I tell if they are being too rough with eachother?

Also, I'm having a bit of trouble keeping Milo from being too rough with me at times. He wants to bite arms and feet! Usually not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough that with those sharp baby teeth it hurts! I know part of it may be from him teething, but I need to make sure he knows this is wrong. Right now if he grabs my arm, hand, foot or whatever and tries to bite, I usually yell no, blow in his face, and/or snap my fingers hear his face to make a loud noise. Sometimes these things help, sometimes they don't. Should I just be persistant, and eventually he will learn?
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Try hissing at him when he bites you. That stops Mosi dead in his tracks (nothing else really works).
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Yes, you should be persistent with making him stop biting. He will get confused if you don't. I have had a lot of success with hissing, blowing in the face, or making a painful yelp, much more of a fuss than necessary. He will learn.
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Thanks for the responses about Milo's biting, and I will keep doing what I've been doing until he learns. But what I'm most worried about is their playing/fighting. I can't always tell if they are playing or really fighting! Sometimes I know they are just playing, but them sometimes they look pretty rough, and every once in a while someone will let out a yelp. And for the past day or two I've been finding some small tufts of hair! Is this normal??
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My girls play pretty rough but if you are finding tufts of fur then its probably getting a little too rough.
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How are they when they are not fighting? Do they cuddle? Monty and Bootsie love to wrestle and are sometimes a little rough. I hear an occasional meow emanating from Bootsie during wrestling rounds and even once in a while a hiss but the hissing is rare. I think if it is a real fight then there would be growling too and the meowing would be pretty shrill and probably obvious.

Every once in a while I find tufts of fur but it is not often and the tufts are small. I don't know how you would prevent them biting each other but you should keep their claws trimmed so they don't injure each other scratching (especially the back claws if they like to rake each other).

I feel for you because I also used to worry a lot about Monty and Bootsie, especially because Bootsie would get little cuts on her nose. Hopefully your kitties are not that aggressive.
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They aren't quite up to cuddling yet (I've only had my second kitten for almost two weeks), but they often lay on the bed or couch at the same time and nap. And they will sit in the window sill together, eat together, etc. The tufts aren't big either, at first I wasn't even sure it was fur and not just normal carpet fuzz. So hopefully its just normal playing! I haven't ever clipped Marlee's claws because I've never had trouble with her scratching either me or furniture and she sharpens them on her own on her scratching posts. If I start to see any actual cuts on either of them, I'll probably just invest in some Soft Claws (if I can actually get them on!).
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