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Lethargic kitten

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OK so Stella got her first set of shots yesterday afternoon. She's 8 weeks old. She is pretty lethargic and a little grumpy. I think this is normal right?
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That is normal. I went through the same thing with my kitten when he got his first shots. As long as she's drinking, she should be fine
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This is the first time i have ever had to hand raise an orphaned kitten and im in need of some advice... Hes been feeding well on the kitten milk supplyed by the vet and she wormed him for me too.. hes been fine the last couple of weeks but today he seems different.. hes crying louder than normal and i think this is due to his lil teeth coming in (do cats teeth??) hes being fussy with the feeding bottle, has a touch of diareah and seems to have less energy, he cant really move around but hes not wriggling as much as normal... Im worried the food is to rich and then too weak when i dilute it, my husband accidentaly moved his box at home to next to a heater and his box was warmer than normal, can all these contribute to his lack of energy?? Please Help!!
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Cats do teethe, but I'd have the vet check him as teething shouldn't cause him to cry and be lethargic IMO. My suggestion is to take him to the vet to rule out any illness.
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