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Perseid meteor shower

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Did anyone else see them last night, the moon was pretty bright so we could only see 3-4 without a telescope, but it was fun, with a telescope you could see the rings of Saturn!

I didn't get any photos of them, but got a lovely one of the moon

and the weird clouds before it got dark

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Those are lovely pictures. I have always had a facination with the sky. I wish I could have seen that, it was very cloudy where I am.
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That cloud over the moon was the only one blocking the shower, which meant it was too bright to see most of them... next year though the moon isn't supposed to be as big when they pass
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Saw a little bit last night! As well, is it Mars that is supposed to be the closest to Earth in something like 5000 years soon? Apparently it will be the next brightest thing in the sky other than the moon. I hear Aug 23 as the date - correct me if I'm wrong.
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It was a cool looking moon last night, great pictures!
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Cool pics! I didn't have time to go out and look last night. A few times I've spent the whole night out in the backyard watching them.
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Hey great pics

I heard about the shower on the radio last night,while I was out feeding my feral kitties.
I couldn't see much as it was cloudy and teeming down with rain,so everytime I looked up I got pelted with rain.
I have noticed an increase in the amount of shooting stars over the past couple of weeks though.

I guess I'll have to hope I can see the Leonid shower In November.
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I love the picture of the clouds
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I saw quite a few go thru-I was driving home quite late & the moon had shifted so it wasn't as bright & I was in the mts. so there was no artificial "extra-lighting" to brighten the sky-
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