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Our house is turning into an animal city.

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Right now in our house, we have..

-four cats
-two dogs (lab and husky)
-two bettas
-one hamster

and now we're possibly going to be bringing in two more large dogs.. a standard poodle and another husky. I've already posted about the poodle, I'm possibly getting one for either a birthday/graduation present, and now mom wants to bring in a male husky because she went to a friend's house, and when she mentioned that they never pay attention to their husky, she went over and asked if he wanted to give it away, because we have a husky, and she'd love another one. He took her number and said he'd call her if he decided to give her up (they're moving soon), so we're going to take a walk and she's going to let me see him soon. This house is turning into animal city.. especially if we're going to have four big dogs running around here instead of just two.
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The more the messier - er - merrier!
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I know the feeling!

When I was living with my ex-boyfriend's family, the was always a zoo going on. In the time I was around, the number of pets varied a lot (new arrivals / deaths / people moving in or out with their pets...)

In total, during the 4 years I was around, there have been:

8 cats
3 dogs
7 or 8 turtles
1 snake (and that's a 10' long snake)
6 rats
1 rabbits
3 aquariums
1 water dragon

Ok, they were not all there at the same time (for example, there have never been more than 6 cats or 2 dogs at a time) but you get the idea.
I think the worst at any time was 4 cats, 1 dog, 4 turtles, 4 rats, 1 rabbit, 3 aquariums and 1 water dragon.
I still say we should have called it a zoo and charged admission.

I always liked it... but to me there were never enough dogs around.
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At my house i currently have:

4 cats - Jasmine, Abilene, Isabella, Velvet
1 dog - Ginger
4 fish tanks- one 80 gallon, one 10 gallon, and two 1 gallons
1 rabbit - Sophie
3 foster kittens - Lex & two without names as of right now

and my boyfriend has one dog at his house - Fosters
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You guys have lots of animals, too. I've always grown up around animals, so I don't see how some people can't live with any.. I'd go nuts. The more the merrier (and messier ) is right.. !
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I know how you feel. My friends call my either catlady or the animal ark. I have:

4 cats
1 lepoard gecko
1 dog
5 hermit crabs

just gave over to my mother because I found I am allergic to them. (pratically allergic to everything.)

2 rats. Fuzz Ball and Shadow. Those guys were awsome.
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wow and I thought 4 dogs and 2 cats was a lot!



you have a lot of pets! how do you keep up with them all?

4 dogs and 2 cats is definitely my limit!
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